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Wix, the SaaS platform that already boasts 200 million registered users, just launched Spaces by Wix, its mobile app that lets consumers engage with businesses on Wix.

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Wix launches Spaces by Wix app

According to data by the company, some 70% of customers interact with companies through mobile devices. The latest app roll-out marks a move by Wix to establish a stronger online presence.

“We’re constantly building tools to serve our users and their customers’ needs,” said Ronny Elkayam, SVP of Mobile, App Market & Strategic Products at Wix.

“We saw huge demand from our users’ customers for a native app experience to communicate with businesses built on Wix. Spaces by Wix provides a convenient way for customers, readers, loyal members and fans to communicate and transact with Wix business owners and other community members. Businesses that offer a native application capability for their customers are gaining more engagement and activity, which is proven to lead to higher customer satisfaction, loyalty and ultimately increased sales and revenue.”

Users of Wix will gain automatic access to Spaces by Wix.

The company said that over 5 million customers had already downloaded the app to engage with businesses and these customers were more likely to engage with businesses and communities.

Business owners who are using the Spaces app saw a 150% increase in purchases through Wix stores and 300% rise in bookings.

“To build a powerful brand and following for my business, it’s key to have a central space for my community,” said Wix business owner Leigh Loftus, Founder of Chef Shots, a comprehensive smartphone food photography training program.

“Spaces by Wix is different from any other platform in that it provides a unique and clean experience where my members want to come and learn, practice and share. They can succeed because it’s easy for us to communicate and everything is in one place, which will ultimately grow my membership and community.”

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