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Regarding the channels of APP promotion, I personally think that there are the following three channels: First: Basic online-coverage of major download markets, application stores, major platforms, and download stations. Second: Promotion-Forum promotion, Weibo promotion, advertisment promotion, Baidu word-of-mouth marketing Third: WeChat public account promotion. Publish original articles regularly, and then use the micro-face app software to float the company’s product information at the top or bottom of the article, acting as an indirect marketing method.

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What are the successful marketing cases for app promotion?

For the promotion of APP, there are the following cases for reference:

1. Durex Thanksgiving Day “Thirteen Raises” Copywriting

Durex has become synonymous with hot marketing, and on Thanksgiving 2017, Durex molested 13 brands at one time, including Green Arrow, Dove, Snickers, IKEA, etc. The brands that were slapped also responded witty and immediately became hot Topic marketing. This kind of brand flirting with each other is actually very common, but every time it can detonate the market, the key point depends on whether the copy can upset the public’s “high point” of the brand.

2, the old iron is pierced! NetEase Cloud Music Heart Metro Copywriting

In March 2017, NetEase Cloud Music printed the hundreds of music reviews with the highest number of likes on the app, covering Hangzhou Metro Line 1 and the entire Jiangling Road Metro Station. The hundred characters on the red background are simply eye-catching. These writing articles are deliberate and leave a profound impact. This kind of content generated by the user’s UCG has always been a classic gameplay in the market. Isn’t it true of all the content of Zhihu? It is worth learning from in APP operation and promotion.

3. Children’s Gallery, “The Most Beautiful Charity of 1 Yuan”

On the morning of August 29, the circle of friends all fell in one night, and everyone was buying their own paintings as screensavers. The paintings of these friends with autism since childhood are really amazing, with different styles. You can buy them through WeChat, which is very convenient.

When public welfare is linked to children and art, there is no moral kidnapping, and it is personalized; 1 yuan to buy paintings, the threshold for participation is low; with the platform of Moments, it is easy to form a herd mentality, and the effect of refreshing the screen is obvious. These activities are led by Tencent Charity and have brand endorsements. The kind side of human nature was stimulated, and the activity reached the initially set goal of 15 million in a very short period of time.

4. Long copywriting of Zhima Credit subway chief

On June 6th, Sesame Credit launched a set of long advertisements on the Shanghai Metro. The format is very novel. It is known as the copywriting pressed onto the keyboard and has a huge brain.

In the era of national mobile phones, mobile Internet commerce has brought people too much shock. For example, the transaction volume on the mobile terminal of Tmall Double Eleven event has exceeded 80%; the knowledge economy is not about using mobile phones to use people’s fragmented time to realize the upsurge of national learning ; Various types of sharing economy based on mobile apps are emerging one after another, refreshing people’s circle of friends.

“Leverage” is the most amazing technology in Kaya marketing. From now on, you must remember that everything you want must be obtained through cooperation with others, and never want to start from scratch on your own. An entrepreneur, don’t do a personal heroism. It does not mean that I can become an oasis in the desert. I hope to build a high-rise building through a combination of other people’s resources.

Your genius is not to turn the desert into an oasis. Your genius is to gather the resources of others in an orderly manner. Everyone can get what they want, but in the end you get what you want the most. This is everything. fundamental.

So everyone’s wisdom, everyone’s knowledge, everyone’s skills, and everyone’s relationships can be used for you in this world. Remember, everyone’s things can be given to you for free, as long as you have something better than him. The existing ideas are better ideas. Is it like this? OK? Every product has a marketing method, it depends on your place, your brand, whether it is suitable for a certain marketing method, rather than blindly learn from it!

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