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In this October mobile growth chart, video products rose in the ranking, with the estimated download volume of “Renren Video” reaching nearly 435w in the month; “Gade Ranking” app performed better, frequently occupying the top 1 of the App Store efficiency list (free); due to the National Day holiday, action games such as “King’s Glory” and “Peace Elite” increased in popularity; meanwhile, the upcoming Double 11 promotion, shopping products user volume grew rapidly, and the chart performance was outstanding.

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In this October mobile app growth chart, “Poundland” continues to sit at No. 1, followed by “Cut Screen” and “Watermelon Video”. Among them, “Gade Ranking” was ranked No. 5 in the new list, which performed particularly well. As an efficiency app, the main function of “Gade Ranking” is to provide consumers with services such as ranking of various products and city services, so that users can check the ranking as a basis for shopping and thus improve shopping efficiency. Since October 1, “Gade Ranking” has climbed to the top of the App Store efficiency list (free), and the number of downloads in the past month is estimated to be over 665w.

Action games are rising in popularity, and the performance of large manufacturers’ products is better

From the mobile application growth chart in October, there are 8 games on the list this month, and the ranking of Tencent’s products have all risen, while “Peace Elite” and “Glory of Kings” have also started to rise in the list compared with last month.

Among the newcomers to the list, the self-traveling chess product “Duoduo Self-Traveling Chess” stands out. “It is also called “Dota Self-Go”, from Giant Bird Doduo. Because of its groundbreaking gameplay combining strategy battle board and Dota custom map, it has been popular among users since its launch.

Video App performs well, with hot dramas helping to harvest traffic

In October, the performance of video apps was outstanding. Compared with the growth chart in September, the app ranking changed all the way to red, in which “WeTV”, “Renren Video” and “Korean Drama TV” all rose significantly, in addition to “Jitterbug” which ranked steadily at Top 8.

In recent months, WeTV has been steadily rising in the growth rankings, and this month it is even among the top 10, just one place away from Jitterbug.

Tencent continues to make efforts in the short video field, and has poured a lot of resources into WeTV, including a subsidy program for creators, celebrity variety show promotions, and the opening of the 30-second video function in the circle of friends some time ago, which has helped WeTV bring in traffic.

This time, “Renren Video” also performed well, rising 30 places, and from the viewpoint of download volume, there was a peak in mid-October, which is probably related to the hit American drama “Fatal Women” that ended in October.

On the night the final episode aired on October 17, the topic #FatalWoman shot to the top of Weibo’s hot search list, and “Renren Video” even crashed that night due to excessive traffic. The popularity of “Fatal Woman” helped “Renren Video” to get the traffic to a certain extent, and the estimated number of downloads for that month was over 435w.

Shopping and e-commerce became the big winner, and the activities promoted growth

From the comparison of mobile app growth chart in September and October, we can see that the number of shopping, life and tools apps have increased. Among them, the number of shopping products on the list is high, mostly due to the influence of the Double Eleven event.

In the October shopping growth list, we can see that Taobao, Jingdong, and Suning.com all rose in the rankings, with Mobile Tmall, Taobao Live, and Mushroom Street newly ranked in the October shopping growth list.

Shopping products are on the rise, reflecting the considerable pre-campaign user traffic and activity, such as Tmall Double 11, nearly a month in advance through “Taobao Live” to sell goods to guide the pre-sale turnover doubled compared to the same period last year. On the eve of the festival with the event hit the pre-sale, further promoting the user’s perception of the event, thus increasing the number of downloads and activity.

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