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It’s no secret that ecommerce has seen a major boost in the last year. More and more shoppers are turning to online and mobile shopping to make purchases instead of braving the mall or shopping in-store. 

And retailers have bent over backward to respond to changing consumer needs: offering increased health and safety measures, expedited shipping, curbside pickup, alternate payment options, and more to keep their brands at the forefront of customers’ minds. 

But one massively effective way to elevate your brand experience isn’t by overhauling your fulfillment process or expanding your product catalog — it’s in your mobile app

You know your app’s UI is a key extension of your brand and your customer experience. The entire look and feel of your app should mirror who your company is and the value that you offer your customers, beyond just the products or services you sell. Features and functionality, navigation hierarchy, color palette: brands spend a ton of time researching, testing, and fine-tuning all of these things. And obviously, they are critical to your user experience. 

And yet sometimes it’s the little things that stand out the most. Those small flourishes and finishing touches that make your mobile customers smile — and remind them of why they love shopping with you in the first place. 

We’ve rounded up our best practical tips for perfecting the details of your UI with those special touches that take your UX to the next level. And we’re sharing a zillion real-life examples of how top retailers are using microinteractions and innovative UI elements to drive conversions and build customer loyalty. 

Increase New Subscribers and Opt-Ins

The more information you have about your customers, the better you can optimize their experience with your brand. Everything from the products you show them to the offers and campaigns you send them and the channels you use to connect with them. 

The trick is in getting users to share their preferences with you, especially in an age where data security is such a hot-button issue. The second you ask for an email address, users are imagining all the spam that’s about to crush their inboxes. 

And while being responsible with your user data is a whole separate issue, brands that prove to customers that sharing their personal details will actually benefit them are in a much better position to nurture new users into repeat customers. 

So how can you tweak your UI to boost registrations and opt-ins? A lot of brands prompt first-time users to create a profile or agree to notifications the second they launch the app. But sometimes a few little nudges are more effective than one big push. 

Take ASOS. They let new users browse the app as much as they want without even mentioning a profile. It’s only when users want to favorite an item or view past orders that the app prompts a sign-up, with copy that clearly communicates the benefit for users. And the animated emoji elements reflect the youthful spirit of their customer base and instill a sense of fun. 

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