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Toshiba MG400Q1US41 Toshiba MG400Q1US41 Toshiba MG400Q1US41 Toshiba MG400Q1US41

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MG400Q1US41 Description
With a weight of oly 1.03 lbs., and a collector current of 400A, collector emitter voltage of 200V, MG400Q1US41 is equipped with high input impedance, high speed and low saturation voltage to ensure high level of efficiency and reliability to the Transistor module. Classified as an IGBT, MG400Q1US41 truly works best on high power switching applications or those commonly seen in industrial and manufacturing settings.
MG400Q1US41  1.03 lbs
MG400Q1US41 could be used in High Power Switching / Motor Control Applications
N Channel IGBT (High Power Switching / Motor Control Applications)

IGBT: 400A 1200V

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