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Toshiba MG300Q1US51 Toshiba MG300Q1US51

#MG300Q1US51 Toshiba MG300Q1US51 New IGBT: 300A1200V, MG300Q1US51 pictures, MG300Q1US51 price, #MG300Q1US51 supplier
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MG300Q1US51 Description

GTR Module Silicon N Channel IGBT; TRANS IGBT MODULE N-CH 1200V 400A 4(2-109F1A); Silicon N-channel IGBT GTR module for high power switching; motor control applications; 300 Amp; 1200 Volt

MG300Q1US51  1.03 lbs


MG300Q1US51 could be used in High Power Switching Applications Motor Control Applications


GTR Module Silicon N Channel IGB
IGBT: 300A1200V

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