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Toshiba MG150N2YS40 Toshiba MG150N2YS40

#MG150N2YS40 Toshiba MG150N2YS40 New 150A/1000V/IGBT/2U, MG150N2YS40 pictures, MG150N2YS40 price, #MG150N2YS40 supplier
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MG150N2YS40 Description

IGBT Power Transistor Modules; 150 Amp; 1000 Volt. Application: 1.DC motor control; NC equipment; 2.AC motor control; Contactless switches; 3.Electric furnace temperature control; 4.Light dimmers; Welders.

MG150N2YS40  0.97 lbs


MG150N2YS40 could be used in High Power Switching / Motor Control Applications


IGBT Power Module

Shunlongwei Inspected Every MG150N2YS40 Before Ship, All MG150N2YS40 with 6 months warranty.

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