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It is worth noting that this time, Apple has separated iPhone and iPad from the actual system installation rate. At the same time, developers can consider the issue of multi-device adaptation during product optimization.

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How to make the most out of the iOS App Store Recommendation Charts Algorithm?

Data shows that as of October 15, 2019, among Apple devices released in the past four years (excluding new devices released this year), the installed share of iOS13 has reached 55%, iOS12 installation usage has been reduced to 38%, and another 7% of devices are running earlier versions.

Among all Apple devices, iOS13 has an installed share of 50% and 41% of devices are running iOS12

As for iPad, 41 percent of new devices added in the last four years are using iPadOS, and iOS12 has a 51 percent installed share.The percentage of all iPad devices that are using iPadOS is 33 percent, and the iOS12 install usage rate remains at 51 percent.

Less than a month after iOS13 was released, its installed share is over 50%, slightly higher than last year’s iOS12 by 2%, which shows that iOS13 has been recognized by many users. Developers are advised to optimize their products for iOS13 as soon as possible, and the new iPadOS system is gradually being accepted by users. (Click “Read the original article” to keep track of the changes in the share data)

Today’s recommendation page has changed again and again

Since the official launch of iOS13 on September 20, Apple has made adjustments to the App Store after the system update, such as adding three new sections in the games and applications columns to focus on recommending products for iOS13; adding a new Apple Watch App Top category to focus on recommending related products; and changing the search interface to include four kinds of The search interface is interchanged to increase exposure for products.

Meanwhile, there are also more changes in Today. For example, the display of Today’s recommendations can be changed multiple times a day. (The following screenshot was taken on October 16)

The display time of the recommended position is not stable

On October 16, Today’s product display time was very unstable, as long as an hour apart, or as short as ten minutes to change the recommended products.

However, it should be noted that, Today recommended display changes, users need to exit the background use, re-open to view the changes.

Rcommended topics are not stable

In therecommended Today theme of the day, a variety of “mix and match” mode is also endless. In addition to the “Game Culture + Movie Starter”, “Unleash Creativity + Trending” and “Guide + Today’s Theme” shown in the picture, there are also “Guide + Today’s Theme” and so on.

Today’s recommendation display is unstable

At the same time, there are two kinds of alternate changes in the display mode of Today recommendation position in a short period of time.

The time of the day is the main, and the content of the previous day is displayed later

In this case, the time was Wednesday, October 16, and the first one displayed in the Today recommendation page was the recommended products on Wednesday, and users could see the recommended products by Today on Tuesday after sliding the screen.

Showing the recommended content of the day + more recommended stories for you

Similarly, this display also focuses on the recommended content of the day, but after users swipe the screen, they will see the “More Recommended Stories” recommendation column, that is, other recommended products selected by Apple editors.

At present, the Today recommendation page and search interface in the App Store are always changing, although the rules are not reflected, the changes of display and search can further expand the exposure of the products, which is a good thing for the products. At the same time, Seven Macs will continue to pay attention to and study the data, and will specifically target output articles later.

Tips: Apple will perform regular maintenance on the App Store Connect backend at 21:00 on October 20 (Beijing time), at which time the backend-related functions will be unavailable for up to 8 hours. Developers who need to make deliveries or changes during this time are advised to choose early or late to avoid the platform maintenance time.

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