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Starting June 21, Amazon Prime Day is just around the corner. Last year’s sales revenue ($3.5 billion) broke records, and this year may be the same. Using Shopper Intelligence, our Amazon insights tool, this article will give brands top tips for Amazon Prime Day to optimize sales.

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  • Call out your Prime Day deals

Optimize your product listings now

Since Amazon announced the event, product views are up while revenue and unit sales on the eCommerce marketplace are down. This suggests that consumers are browsing more to determine their Prime Day purchases later.

Only product views increased since Prime Day’s announcement, suggesting increased browsing (via Shopper Intelligence)

Even if your products are not discounted, it’s likely that the overall increase in consumer browsing will give your products more visibility. Therefore, taking action now to optimize your Amazon product listings is key to finetune your Amazon Prime Day marketing strategy.

Consider Amazon paid advertising

With browsing up, now may be the best time to spend some dollars to appear higher in search results. If you can, test campaigns with all advertising options Amazon has available. If you’ve turned off some successful ads due to budget constraints, now may be the time to turn them back on. For more, check out our Amazon search optimization tips

Pro tip: use Shopper Intelligence to determine the number of clicks per product position to see if Amazon ads are worth it

Appearing at the top of search results does not guarantee the most clicks for Amazon’s electronics category (via Shopper Intelligence)

Leverage data to boost app reviews

To help improve your listings, there may be some quick fixes to optimize your Amazon products’ reviews now. For instance, use tools like Shopper Intelligence to benchmark against reviews and ratings for top search results for products in relevant categories. If your products fall behind, investing in paid search strategies to boost your products for better Amazon SEO, may not be wise.

Rating and reviews for Apple’s top products on Amazon (via Shopper Intelligence)

If ratings and reviews are higher on another retailer site with a competing Prime Day sale, consider advertising options to increase visibility there.

For more tips, check out our article on Amazon Product Reviews.

Make sure pricing is competitive

Knowing the prices of what sold well during previous Prime Day events on category and subcategory levels can help you determine what to discount, by how much, and if it’s worth the investment. Even if your product has the best ratings, consumers purely driven by deals may not buy it if the price is not right.

Pro tip: Use Shopper Intelligence to look at historical data from October 2020 and July 2019, the most recent Prime Days, to determine top-selling products and their prices.

Top products across Amazon categories in Oct. 2020, the last Amazon Prime Day

Call out your Prime Day deals

If you sell many products, make it easy for customers to find all your deals in one place. Creating a category page with tags can drive

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