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In December’s mobile growth chart, the number of game products on the list increased significantly, and most of them were newly launched products in 2019. “My Kung Fu Special Cow” became the fastest-growing product in December with the help of byte-hopping’s buying volume and platform diversion; “New Laughing Pride” dominated the list for 7 consecutive days once it was launched with the support of classic IP and traffic stars. The number of financial apps in the list was 9. Due to the demand for reconfirmation of special tax deduction at the end of the year, “Personal Income Tax” jumped to the top of the list as a new product; meanwhile, due to the influence of “Double 12”, the number of single-day downloads of Cloudflare was estimated to exceed 15w for 6 consecutive days.

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In this handicraft growth list, a total of 17 products are on the list, among which 13 new products are on the list, except for 2 products of “King’s Glory” and “Peace Elite”, the rest of the products are launched in 2019.

The topic of #MyKungFuTekNiu has been played over 1.3 billion times on ShakeYin, and the large-scale advertising has brought explosive user growth, and according to Qimai data, the cumulative estimated downloads of #MyKungFuTekNiu have exceeded 1027w since its launch at the end of September last year.

ByteDance has entered the game market with ultra-casual category, using its own traffic matrix to guide the product volume and eventually create several pop-ups. Related companies can also take advantage of their own traffic to absorb more products, explore more markets, improve the life cycle of products and achieve linked growth.

Another product from Perfect World, “New Xiaoyaojiang Lake”, has dominated the App Store game list (free) for 7 days since the second day of its launch, with a single day download estimated to be over 49w.

The use of welfare activities

The game combines the current hot Chinese style makeup, the plot setting restores the classics, and according to Perfect’s official news, it has also hired a highly paid voice acting team to make each NPC have its own tone. In addition to the big IP attribute of Xiaoyaojiang Lake, Perfect World has also invited the popular traffic star Xiao Zhan to endorse the game, and the combination of Jin Yong + Xiao Zhan has brought considerable growth to the product.

The combination of Jin Yong + Xiao Zhan also brought significant growth to the product. It can be seen that using IP personal influence to launch marketing and refine the operation of product content is one of the effective ways for many products at present.

Financial products are outstanding, and “Personal Tax” topped the Top1

In this list, 9 financial products are on the list, among which, “Personal Income Tax”, as a new app, jumped to the top 1 and occupied the App Store app list (free) for 21 days because of the strong demand for the confirmation of the special deduction content of personal income tax at the end of the year.

As observed shows that “Cloudflare” reached the Top 1 of the App Store App List (Free) during the “Double 12” period, and its estimated single-day downloads exceeded 15w for 6 consecutive days, moving up 17 places in the list. During the “Double 12” period, Cloud Flash Pay launched the “UnionPay National Rewards Festival”, where users can enjoy 50% off, full discounts or value rebates by using the Cloud Flash Pay App or UnionPay Mobile Flash Pay at designated merchants, covering many popular consumption scenarios such as supermarkets, fashion department stores, restaurants and leisure, travel and fresh e-commerce.

The event covers a number of popular consumption scenarios such as shopping malls, fashion department stores, restaurants and leisure, travel and fresh e-commerce. As you can see, “Double 12” is no longer just a battle for shopping products, but also a traffic grab in the field of mobile payment. The use of welfare activities to promote product growth is bound to have a greater growth effect than cost investment for such products with high user demand.

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