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From the time of free reading App launch, the number of free reading App launch from 2009 to 2014 was small, with 173 products launched in 6 years. From 2015, the number of products on the shelves increased, and in 2016, the number of free reading apps surged, with more than 300 products on the shelves every year in the three years until 2018, with an average of 348.7 products per year.

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In the early development of the industry, users who wanted to finish reading a book mostly had to sign up for membership or buy reading coins. But with the development of the industry and user behavior habits change, free reading is only popular in the last two or three years, but the development speed is faster, for the platform, free reading can open up new user groups, and users for free products are also happy to see.

From the keyword “free reading” search results ranking Top10 to see, Ali Literature’s product Shuqi novels ranked first, even Bookstore, get between the novel, seven cats novel followed by the top five. From the developer’s point of view, Ali, Baidu, palm reading, Tencent have products on the list, it can be seen in the free reading trend of the impact of large manufacturers in the field of literature in advance of the layout or very effective.

The current market of free reading is mainly divided into two modes: one is the platform in their own content settings, additional content free module; another is the developer with the third-party content platform, the launch of a “free reading + watch ads” new products.

In these three products, users can register as VIPs and buy book coins to read paid content of novels, while ordinary users can also read content in the “free” and “limited time free” modules. The different models for different user groups are conducive to enhancing the user experience and cultivating and paying behavior of users. Seven Wheat data shows that Shuqi novel, Lianshang book, QQ reading App Store list ranking in recent three months is better, the list ranking floating range is small.

The novel is a new free novel launched in March this year. One of the highlights of the product is that it is free to read novels, and users can also invite their friends to register to remove the ads in the reading (the upper limit is 700 days), so that registered users can pull new products for the product. Another highlight is that it has the genuine copyright. The copyright of novels has always been a sensitive content, and the genuine content owned by DEI Novel will give users more peace of mind.

All Free App is more popular, and Seven Cats Novel is outstanding

From the estimated download volume of free reading apps in recent year, there are 6 apps with estimated download volume of over 10 million (iOS). Among them, Seven Cats Novel, WeChat Reader and Shuqi Novel performed better. WeChat Book and Shuqi Novel are backed by Tencent and Ali, so it makes sense that they have a better user download volume.

As a product that received attention from users only in March this year, Seven Cats Novel has achieved an estimated download volume of 2630w in just 6 months, which is really good. And from the list ranking, seven cats novel once dominated the top position of the book category (iOS, free). In July this year, Baidu also invested in Seven Cats. The free reading App represented by Seven Cats Novel, Tomato Novel launched by Byte Jump, and Fly Read Novel launched by ReadWrite, the form of “free reading + watching ads” has also attracted a large number of users to the product.

Novel + film and television drama, the platform deepens the degree of pan-entertainment

Last year, the domestic drama “Yanxi Raiders” broadcasted exclusively by Akiyip exploded nationwide, and then the movie and TV series also went to the road of “going abroad”. During the broadcast of this drama, the download volume of Akiyay Reading App also ushered in a short period of rise, which is because the Akiyay Reading App will update the plot novel of “Yanxi Raiders” in advance, and the volume was instantly hundreds of thousands.

In fact, many platforms currently have a novel module or a new reading app, and most of them are free. Such as Aiki Yi, Youku, Tencent and other video platforms embedded in the novel module, interesting headlines, byte jumping, read a free reading App, want to seize the market in advance, to create a novel and the platform linkage of pan-entertainment circle.

The pan-entertainment of novels and platform linkage can be like “Yanxi Raiders” launched by Akiyip, which first broadcasted the drama and then launched novels when the effect was good, after all, there are many delicate points that cannot be shown in the drama but can be reflected in the novels through words.

The other is to launch the novel first to test the water, collect and understand the user’s favorite, wait until the novel is popular, and then launch the film and television works, with the reader’s base, the film and television drama will have a certain user base. For example, last week just finished the “Twelve Hours of Chang’an”, adapted from Ma Boyong’s novel of the same name “Twelve Hours of Chang’an”, the play has not only caused a large response in China, but also in the form of “paid content” in Viki, Amazon and Youtube online. With the involvement of capital and increased demand from the film and television industry, there have been many adaptations of novels in recent years.

The content is vulgar and pornographic, and the state is starting to intervene

Free Reading App has more positive comments overall, with 76.77% of the App rating above 80%, but 17.57% of the App has received poor comments from users, with the rating below 60. The main problem of free reading apps is that the content is vulgar and pornographic, and the authors often use the form of rubbish to avoid the audit, which is especially obvious in the “free reading + advertising video” apps. At the same time, these products also have novels with broken chapters, more typos, and piracy infringement.

In July this year, the State Press and Publication Administration interviewed 12 online literature platforms, including Starting.com, and asked them to immediately enter a rectification phase, take down problematic online novels, and clean up vulgar content by self-correcting. Subsequently, there were media reports that the relevant channels on the Chinese language platform of Start.com and Jinjiang Literature City were suspended from updating.

Final Opinion

1, free users can promote the live pulling new. In the prevalent trend of knowledge payment, developers choose the opposite of free reading, is able to promote the product to pull the new, and this part of the user group is larger.

2, free reading will hurt the paid users. For the implementation of paid modules for the platform, suddenly change the direction of the implementation of free reading, in fact, will hurt the paying users, so it is recommended that developers, you can launch a new free product.

3, copyright awareness to pay attention to. Whether in the field of fiction, or short video, music and other fields, content copyright is a matter that deserves serious treatment. It is suggested that developers should not try to play ball for the sake of a momentary cheapness. Once it is revealed, not only the product will be treated seriously by Apple and Android, but the company’s reputation will also be damaged.

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