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There are many simulation games in the App Store free games list, including management simulation games and strategy simulation. For example, “Billion Dollar Life”, which has successfully surpassed “Master Sword” in the recent ranking, is a game where you can upgrade your sports car and house, get a beautiful assistant, and get rich gold rewards just by continuously synthesizing cars, and go to the top of your life.

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The majority of management games

Simulation games are a type of game with a wide coverage, mainly by imitating real life to build a virtual space, so that users can achieve in the space, in real life inaccessible people and goals, or to send their emotions and so on.

The number of simulation games on the App Store has been on the rise from the data collected from the App Store by the Seven Wheat Research Institute. 2017 saw a nearly twofold increase from 2016, when the once popular “Traveling Frog” and “Love & Produce” were launched. 146 simulation games were on the shelves in 2019, accounting for 32.4% of the sample taken. In less than four months this year, 58 games have hit the shelves as well. This shows that the genre is very popular among users.

In this sample, a total of 9 products have made it to the top 5, including the strategy simulation game “Peaceful Elite”, the sandbox simulation game “Mini World” and the simulation game “Sword Master”, which have all made it to the top 1. Games like “Moe House Story” and “Dream Floating Light”, which include a complete plot, also performed well.

“Dream Floating Light” is a simulation romance game that hit the App Store on March 27 this year. However, unlike many romance games based on urban workplace and celebrity life, “Dream Floating Lantern” is based on the hell of hell, where users pretend to be the main character who has drunk Menma’s soup and forgotten his past life, and can only live in the netherworld, and start a love relationship with 11 playable characters.

Whether in the degree of script innovation, or character drawing, as well as the painting style, BGM and other details, the dream weaver is handled very well. Therefore, this game was selected by Apple editor to enter the fine recommendation column during the booking period, and it is still in the recommendation. It is also recommended that developers, when there are new products to be shelved, if they feel that their own products have characteristics, highlights, enough to attract people, you can also choose to book shelves, Apple self-recommended way.

A rich variety of simulation games, the majority of management and development

With the passage of time, the type of simulation games are also changing, from the initial farming, operating a small town, to later decorate the house, dress up characters, and now cultivate animals, combined with the plot of immersive experience. The themes and gameplay of simulation games are becoming more and more novel and interesting.

At present, simulation games can be divided into five categories: management, development, strategy, sandbox and others, among which there are more management simulation games, accounting for 42%, followed by 22% of development simulation games.

Management simulation games, the theme, novel gameplay is the focus

The focus of management simulation games is on the theme and gameplay. From running a cafe or a gym to building a city or a country, they can all be made into simulation games.

“QQ Farm” and “Dream Town” were the first batch of management simulation games, in which users could experience planting, harvesting crops and breeding aquatic products. Then came “SimCity: I am the Mayor”, in which users acted as the mayor of the city, deployed NPCs, built roads, factories, and residential areas to increase the value of the city’s land.

As user habits keep changing, the gameplay naturally has to change as well, which has led to the emergence of games like “Billion Dollar Life” and “Learn about swimming and fitness! This has led to the emergence of management simulation games like “Billion Dollar Life” and “Swim & Fitness”, which integrate the user’s favorite games such as synthesis and online income.

As mentioned at the beginning of the article, “Billion Dollar Life” is a simulation game to synthesize cars and make money to buy mansions. In addition, login to receive red envelopes, do tasks to receive red envelopes, watch incentive ads, randomly send red envelopes, etc., users make money red envelopes can be reflected, which is also a big reason why users have flocked to the game.

Simulation of raising games, female users demand more

“Traveling Frog” and “Love and the Maker” are two well-known simulation raising games, although the two raising objects are different, the former is to “frog son” to raise, the latter is to cultivate a relationship with popular idols. However, the target user groups of these two games overlap, with female users under 24 years old being the main ones.

And from the product data taken out this time, the main target users of simulation games are still mainly female users. Such as love simulation, children’s education, pet raising, women in this kind of game, mainly to be able to release or trust their emotions, can not afford to raise pets, unattainable idols, can be directly interactive in the game, and participate in his (its) life, and even directly according to their own ideas to shape the role.

Strategy simulation game, cultivate user loyalty

Different from the management and raising simulation games, the production cost and energy consumption of strategy simulation games are higher, usually through the form of confrontation matches, rounds of war, etc., so that users are free to arrange and control the game character to fight against the enemy and win. Usually the theme of large strategy games are also based on war, background such as the Three Kingdoms, the Middle Ages and so on.

However, one of the advantages of these games is that when the game levels are set from easy to difficult, the user can feel satisfied after breaking through the simple levels, but when encountering the more difficult levels, it can also stimulate the user’s desire to fight, and this kind of confrontation can well prolong the user’s stay and cultivate user loyalty.

Overall high praise, minor protection needs attention

From the product ratings and comments given by users, the overall favorable rating of simulation games is high, with 46% of the products rated above 90% and 24.44% rated above 80%, mainly focusing on the novelty of game themes, diverse gameplay and attention to detail. There are also 10.67% of the products have received bad reviews from users, and the reasons for these products are too many advertisements, krypton and liver, and easy to flash back.

The “Regulations on the Ecological Governance of Network Information Content”, which came into effect in March this year, explicitly encourage major online platforms to develop models suitable for minors and provide online products and services suitable for minors, such as establishing anti-addiction systems. (See the article!)

Meanwhile, on April 13, the Jiangsu Provincial Consumer Protection Commission conducted a survey on the more well-known and popular games and live streaming products in the market, with arrows pointing directly at minors’ game top-ups and live streaming bounties. The constant issuance of policies on the use of the Internet by minors and the sampling of various products are actually an indication of the importance the national government attaches to the protection of minors on the Internet. Therefore, it is recommended that developers should pay extra attention to the minor protection settings of their products.

Regarding application products, you can refer to the anti-addiction system set by video and live streaming platforms such as “Jitterbug”, “Akiyay” and “One Live”. In this mode, users are not allowed to use more than 40 minutes per day, and no overly entertaining content is allowed in this mode, with education, knowledge and technology as the main contents.

Game products

Regarding game products, the state notice clearly states: all game users need to use valid identity information for game account registration; the visitor experience mode for minors shall not exceed 1 hour, and in this mode, minor users cannot recharge and pay; and the paid game service provided by the same online game enterprise shall not exceed 50 yuan for a single recharge for users aged 8 to 16, and the accumulated monthly recharge shall not exceed 200 yuan. The total monthly recharge shall not exceed 200 yuan.

For example, in the management simulation game “PeePee Saga”, if a user does not have real name authentication and logs into the game in the form of a game, the system will automatically pop up the “anti-addiction prompt” from 10:00 pm of the same day to 8:00 pm of the next day, and the user will not be able to continue playing the game without real name authentication.

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