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“On August 27, Shenzhen’s multi-department interviewed Didi before the end of September to rectify failures or shut down the platform.” There is a sentence in it, which can be described as quite ruthless, rather “not to be said to be unpredictable.” It feels that Didi is getting cold, and the government has taken action. Faced with this dilemma, the countermeasures given by Didi circulated on the Internet is to prohibit high-value women from riding in cars. The mind is not cooling the public opinion, it is trying to stop boiling water.

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How should taxi-hailing apps use the “second-child” policy to break the situation?

In my opinion, instead of banning women from taking rides, it is better to do the opposite and start with the driver:

1. Single and unmarried people are strictly reviewed as drivers.

Being single often means relatively young. Such people have relatively lack of driving experience and drive more vigorously, which may cause traffic accidents. In addition, young and energetic, easy to impulse, and easy Sexual impulse, resistance to beautiful young ladies is relatively low, and the probability of committing silly things is relatively high. Although it is very rare to commit crimes like Yueqing, it is very rare to take a look at the crowd, chatting and causing emotional disputes , Is also quite troublesome, the review must be strict, the sorrow of single dogs. . .

2. Those who are married and have children give priority to who are the ones who have the lowest desire to commit crimes.

They are the ones who are talking about. There are old people and young people, and running for the family’s livelihood, there is no time to think about messy things, which basically greatly reduces the possibility of premeditated crimes. If you are temporarily upset, you will pass that age again, coupled with the increase in social experience and life experience, you have that mind, it is probably your ideal mind. As a driver, having children and cars means that the technology is relatively guaranteed. If you don’t practice your skills well, do you dare to drive your children out to play? If you don’t take your children out to play, whoever buys the car. In addition, with a child, the mentality should be more peaceful. The child cries and makes trouble every day, jumping up and down, and the mentality is not peaceful. The child can serve, and it should be the same in serving the riders. no problem.

3. The focus of support and subsidies for families with second children has come.

“Second children are not only a family matter, but also a national matter, but also a business matter.” If a company shouts such a slogan, what kind of feat will it be.

1) Greatly reduce the probability of such bad incidents.

As mentioned earlier, if the driver has a family with children, it will greatly reduce the probability of such bad incidents. Of course, this is especially true for families with second children.

If you have a car, you can still need a second child, not to mention whether the quality is higher than the average person, at least the standard of living should be better than the average person, so that you will not commit crimes for the sake of wealth. Although the driver of the second child will serve you, you have to know that the driver may have more money than you and me in the car. If it doesn’t work, you can add a one-click complaint function. If you encounter harassment, you can call directly to the other’s wife.

Drivers who dare to activate this function must either be upright and not afraid of shadows, or the wife knows that he is messing up but can’t control him, but in the current state of China, let’s say that the daughter-in-law can’t control you on this kind of thing, so she is still willing to marry. You, I serve! ! ! What if the driver and the driver’s wife are unwilling to activate? It’s very simple. As long as the activation is activated, the driver will know the driver’s location, how many orders received, and how much income in real time. If you don’t want to activate, your daughter-in-law will also find a way to make you willing. Who knows that you are out for work? , Or did you do something else? And it is also a kind of safety guarantee for the driver. In the event of an accident, the daughter-in-law can know about it and take action at the first time.

Well, here is the opposite usage of the “fear” app, the public security 110 app. It feels that the driver is more suitable. You can contact my family at any time when you get in my car, which means that I have released my goodwill, no If there is any threat to you, I am here to make money. Moreover, it is also a kind of shock to the gangsters. You are a gangster. You have to do bad things to me as a driver. My family knows where I am at any time, so you better stay away.

2) The country will support it with a high probability, and there will be policy inclination.

From the general trend, from the national perspective, second-child or full liberalization is imperative, but the adoption of administrative measures to enforce it will inevitably be subject to many obstacles. However, it is more logical for companies to do it. And it is foreseeable that the second child will inevitably be a major event in China in the next 30 to 40 years. Whoever seizes the opportunity is equivalent to seize the policy dividend period in the next 30 years.

3) The negative information of public opinion will be much smaller.

The publicity of the company is deeply tied to the second child. If you have nothing to do, just publicize it. How many drivers of the second child family are on the company platform, and how many people have chosen to have a second child because of the company’s preferential policies. As long as publicity and government public relations are in place, and the above means praise, then the following promotion will encounter much less resistance. In addition, the second child is a general trend. The country has set a benchmark. You don’t need to spend money, and there will be corresponding public opinion follow-up. It is still a state-level media, and the corporate image is at least shining.

4) The second child is Shangfang’s sword and amulet.

The country has set a benchmark. If competitors use public opinion to suppress you, they will vote against you. To hit you is to hit the country in the face. Whether it is a competitor or public opinion, you are not so uninterested; if the second child is used as part of the performance evaluation in the future, local On promotion, not to mention giving you the green light, at least it will not be too difficult for you from the policy.

If something really happens, take down your app and check whether there will be public accusations that hinder the implementation of the second child. After all, it can be predicted from the current economic situation that the implementation of the second child is not so optimistic. If you can achieve the growth of the second child, or at least make people think that you are helpful to the second child, it is undoubtedly not a talisman.

5) Provide jobs, increase the number of second children, and contribute to society.

Providing support and subsidies for two-child families can indeed provide a certain source of income for two-child families and ease the pressure on family expenditures. To some extent, it will encourage second-child families, and at least it will encourage second-child families to be on the platform. The role of a driver. Gathering second-child families through the platform, bragging about performance, some say, for example, how many jobs are provided for second-child families, how much income has been contributed to these second-child families, and even how many children have brought hope. Those who drop out can go back to school and so on.

The second-child drivers have nothing to do to organize a group. They are basically short-term parents. The children go to school, what kindergarten they choose, properly enthusiastic and positive, the kind of trash group that teaches you how to seduce girls, sneak pictures of women, dare to be in such a group Does it appear in it? Even the publicity advertisements are readily available, and there is no need to promote the safety of taxis. As long as there are pictures of a happy family or the birth of a second child, do you think such drivers will commit crimes? It is absolutely beneficial to shaping the positive image of the brand.

6) It is even possible to raise the price of taxis openly and confidently with the country’s demand for tax cuts, which is profitable.

“Second child” is in hand, asking for tax cuts, can the state not support it? There are old people and young people, and it’s not easy to drive.

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