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ASO World will introduce you a full set of exposure data and the way to get the App Store exposure, which surely includes the ones you haven’t paid attention to before. It is not easy to do well aso, but after understanding the terrain, the target will be able to greatly improve efficiency.

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Keyword association ranking

The first way to increase App or keyword exposure, not the search results page ranking, but keyword association ranking, that is, enter a keyword in the search bar, Apple search engine will automatically appear some of the associated keywords, see the following chart.

Enter the keyword “social”, there will be some “social”, “social software”, “social networking”, “badoo”, “badoo”, “badoo” and “badoo”. “badoo-meet new friends, chat, software”, “social chat”, etc. They are ranked in descending order of popularity. Therefore, if we can’t be the first in the optimization of high popularity keywords, we have to optimize the derivative words containing the high popularity words, such as “social software” keywords to the first place in the association ranking, which can still lead a large number of interested users to click. The whole process is similar to the user’s search terms for correction.

The keyword search ranking

In contrast, keyword search ranking is more familiar to everyone, come, follow the gongzi read once: “nearly 75% of users search to get the ideal App, hot words Top 3 App share 70% of the traffic”, so that keyword search ranking is the main source of App exposure to get traffic.

Increase the number of keyword coverage with high hotness and strong relevance, and improve the App ranking to become the mainstream aso way nowadays, and quickly improve the keyword ranking through a large number of download activation in a concentrated period of time, and the keyword absorption of different categories and hotness is different, the specific program you can find you money consulting, or contact my micro signal at the end of the article.


App Store exploration column is a simplified version of the “category” of the boutique recommendation column text guidance, the user query related information is more convenient than the boutique recommendation column, but the exploration column and boutique recommendation bar in the same way, are editors recommended bit. The difference is that there is a more detailed classification here, the specific recommendation rules can refer to the following “boutique recommendations”.


App Store recommendation has the double value of practical effect and brand significance for CP. From the past successful recommendation experience, as well as Apple’s former employees, former executives’ advice: UI design novelty, unique features, and effective email communication are the three main elements. If you think your own products meet these points and want to apply for recommendation in this area, you can search an article named “Getting App Store recommendation is actually not that difficult” for detailed understanding. The following is an introduction to the display type of this piece, we feel whether they have a play on the number.

Introduction of editorial recommendation bit (take the main interface as an example)

Top editor’s choice to recommend a large picture: generally 7, 2 games (absorbing nearly 200W), theme-based 3 (APP aggregation, absorbing about 20W), 1 for Apple Watch download entrance, 1 for iPhone App promotional map.

Excellent new App and game: the number varies from 12 to 16, and the dwell time varies from 1-3 weeks.

Central Banner 1 large image: generally 7, in order of free App of the week / UnionPay / games / children / App Store highlights / editor’s choice / browse by category, of which children are thematic in nature.

Central Banner 2 large image: 9 this week, in order of limited-time offers / My Weather / UNKILLED / Zen Brush2 / The Adventures of Bertram Fader / Magic Kids Literacy / Legendary Warriors / Tide Selfie / Digital Maze, App recommendations are the main.

Top games and apps: number varies from 12-16, length of stay varies from 1-3 weeks.

The best updated games: the number varies from 12 to 16, the dwell time varies from 1-3 weeks, please note – updated games have the opportunity to apply for this recommendation.

Bottom Banner: generally 5-8, in order of APP topic / game topic / campus life / easy English / brain training / explore the world / soccer world / pay to play, mostly in the theme category.

This week’s theme: teachers’ tools, the number varies from 12 to 16. 2.

Different recommended bit absorption situation (data for reference only)

Banner big picture: the game absorbs nearly 2 million, and the application absorbs 20-30W.

Small picture recommendation position: for example, the latest games and apps, the game absorbing volume is between 20-50, and the app absorbing volume is about 10-20W.

Theme-based application collection: the volume of absorption varies from 2-8W.

Secondary application collection under category: the volume is about 10,000, depending on the app itself. 3.

The process of getting editorial recommendation

App Store is responsible for product review and recommendation by Editorial Team and Marketing respectively, usually, the product is reviewed by Editorial Team, and if the product passes the review successfully, the quality content will be selected and submitted to Marketing for recommendation. The editorial staff does not decide the final recommendation, the criteria for this review is in the hands of Marketing.

The editorial team will send a notification to the premium content developer (by phone or email) requesting that all ARTWORKs be uploaded within the review period, but will also advise that requesting these materials is not a guarantee of a product recommendation, only a possibility.

If the above situation is not satisfied, you can send an application email to the official email address of Apple and need to prepare all relevant information.


The list is divided into the general list and 24 sub-lists (Note: the game category is further divided into a total category of games and 18 game subdivisions), and each category under the list always covers the paid list / free list / best-seller list, and the number of rankings that can be displayed is TOP150; by calculation, the total number of positions that can be exposed in the App Store list unit: (1 + 23 + 18) x 3 x 150 = 18900.

At present, the games on the App Store are up to 150W, but the list has only 18900 exposure positions, excluding the duplication of an app occupying multiple exposure positions, the actual number of apps that can be exposed is about 1.2W. It is because of the scarcity of resource positions on the list that has given birth to the business of brush list.

The popular search list

Hot search is located in the App Store search bar, the industry referred to as “hot search”, into the eyes of the ten eye-catching hot words, the position of the absorption of about 2000 ~ hundreds of thousands of ranging, the specific absorption of the following factors determine.

whether the selected hot words can attract users, at present, the more powerful hot words to the behavior of the word, the high visibility of the APP, its brand words on the hot search absorption is also good. We need to fully consider the behavior of users when doing hot search.

The quality of APP itself, mainly including icon/application name/screenshot/description/comments, etc. These factors have the most intuitive impact on whether users download APP or not.

The stay time of hot search list, at present, the update time of hot search is random, as short as a few minutes, as long as dozens of hours are available. At present, the time of APP on hot search is basically more than 3 hours.

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