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As a business, you generate data every single day with each message you send, sale you make, or product you promote.

All of this data is generated via various sources, for example, marketing tools, sales tools, operations tools, etc, and held within those individual sources for analysis. Unfortunately, this leads to data silos that can hold your business back.

Your employees need a way to make sense of this data as a whole in order to get a clear understanding of your business’s progress and their next steps; this is where data integration comes in. 

Data integration is the process of taking data from multiple, disconnected sources and combining it to produce a single, unified view.

The end product of data integration is a visualisation of combined information that enables your company to make more informed decisions based on enhanced business intelligence. It also saves employees time and reduces human error that is often caused by manual data handling.

Sounds good, doesn’t it?

In this handy infographic, we’re going to discuss 5 data integration techniques and the pros and cons of each. So, what are the 5 main techniques of data integration? 

Creating an application design concept, people and content text place, UI UX design. Modern flat web page design for website and mobile website development. Vector illustration
  1. Manual data integration – by hand
  2. Application integration – via APIs
  3. Middleware integration – via a translation layer
  4. Uniform access integration – via a virtual visualisation 
  5. Data-approach – via a pre-set schema and storage capabilities

Data integration has the potential to connect the dots between your marketing tools and empower you to do more with your data. If you’d like to talk about how integration could help your business, with one of our data integration experts today.

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