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  1. Aluminum alloy sand mold and metal mold casting technology. It can manufacture large-scale high-strength aluminum alloy high-quality thin-wall castings, such as (1400-1800mm)×300mm, 30-40mm wall thickness of the rocket shell frame; high-density high-quality aluminum alloy parts for aviation in size, and the accuracy can reach HB6103-86CT10 -11 grade; front and rear axle casings for automobiles, vibration fatigue can reach more than 1 million times.
  2. Aluminum alloy pressure technology. It can produce high-surface quality and more complex aluminum alloy die-casting parts, with an annual output of more than 1000T, or parts with a quality of tens to hundreds of grams, and an annual output of more than 1 million pieces;
  3. Aluminum alloy precision casting technology. Used to produce aluminum alloy castings with complex shapes, difficult or impossible to machine. The dimensional accuracy of the casting can reach 0.2mm/50mm, the surface roughness is Ral.6-3.2mm, the minimum wall thickness of the casting is 1mm, and the local allowable 0.5mm.

Cast aluminum

  1. Ensure the correctness of the pouring system and riser, and ensure that the casting process meets the corresponding requirements.
  2. Ensure that the shape, size and quality of the casting meet the technical requirements.
  3. The exhaust performance is good, and the metal mold should be easy to take out, repair and install the casting.
  4. The structure should be as simple as possible, convenient for processing and manufacturing, from reducing costs, convenient for mechanization and automation, improving production efficiency and improving working conditions.
  5. In use, the working temperature can be guaranteed for a long time, and there will be no warping and deformation.
Technical characteristics of aluminum alloy casting
Technical characteristics of aluminum alloy casting

The force foundry needs to show its advantages in terms of dimensional accuracy and strength performance

For gravity casting, metal castings must not only have good dimensional accuracy, but also have advantages in surface finish, but also have better strength performance. Therefore, for small-batch production, metal molds can be used repeatedly, and high-efficiency production efficiency can be obtained. The formation of castings is inseparable from the three basic requirements: die-casting equipment, die-casting materials, and die-casting molds. Therefore, the quality and performance of castings are determined by these three points. For different castings, the above mentioned elements can be organically used to efficiently produce castings with good appearance, good internal quality and precise dimensions.

Aluminum alloy castings have been widely used in the production of some castings in various industries. Its production efficiency is higher, the quality of the castings is better, and it is very convenient for mechanized production. In order to ensure that castings can better meet the needs of use, there are certain requirements for them.

There are many issues that need to be considered when performing the die-casting process of cast aluminum parts. We must consider all aspects. For example, it is necessary to determine whether the molten metal can flow in a stable state after pouring into the system, and whether it will appear. Separation phenomenon and eddy current phenomenon.

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We have to consider whether there are sharp corners or dead zones in aluminum castings, whether there is any change in the cross-sectional area of the pouring system, etc. These are all things that we need to understand thoroughly. The main purpose of aluminum castings is to pour the molten metal. In the prescribed model, the desired shape and performance are achieved after cooling, resolidification and cleaning and shaping. This casting method is also one of the basic processes of the current machinery manufacturing industry. The manufacturing industry of cast aluminum parts needs to face the manufacturing. Objects change quickly just like flowing water. If the objects put forward special requirements, then there will be more challenges for aluminum castings. This is also one of the important indicators for measuring the comprehensive vision of the machine tool industry.

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