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play store app optimization

App Marketing Interview

Rather than a transcript for the interview, here are the key points that we talked

Consumer Mobile Engagement Expected to Grow S

After a record year of consumer mobile engagement with brands, will 2021 continue this trend

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How To Create A Free App Landing Page Or App

In a previous post, we showed you why you need an online space for your

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Ad Creatives Across Channels for Cashback &am

Using high-performing creatives is one of the most important levers to optimize user acquisition. There is

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Pinterest Ads Launch in France, Now Available

For the most parts these are not really fails per say, we’re oversimplifying here. Some

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How to make a Creative Analysis using Top Cre

Competition in the ad world is fierce! Keeping up with the newest trends requires constant

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Guide for App Localization and Google Play St

In today’s global app stores, positioning your app based on the local characteristics is becoming

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Mobile App Marketing: Growing Your Game

Increasing app visibility is essential for every app, as it will be one of the

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How to Uncover Your Competitors’ In-App Ad

In-app ads are the fastest way to get more downloads and increase your category ranking.

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How Do You Know if Your App Downloads Are Dro

Are your app downloads dropping? Maybe your app was going full speed ahead and suddenly