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Social audio app installs jump to 20 million in 2021

Social audio apps have seen noticeable gains in adoption since Clubhouse broke onto the scene last year.

Clubhouse alone reached 9.6 million installs worldwide in March 2021 and competitors have been quick to launch into this space.

The three top social audio apps reached 20 million installs in 2021 alone, according to new data from Sensor Tower, with Clubhouse leading that pack at 15.3 million installs.

Part of the app’s success is due to allowing users to create rooms in which they can moderate topics of interest that users can join and leave whenever they feel like it. In that sense, Clubhouse is like a more social version of a podcast.

Its popularity is in part due to consumers looking for alternative means to speak to others, away from the screens that have seen much use during the pandemic.

The app’s downloads climbed 300% between January and February 2021.

Social audio app Stereo also saw downloads climb 172% during the first two months of the year. In March, downloads dropped across both apps.

Audio app Spoon has been around for much longer and to date has 26 million installs. However, the app did not see the same boost during February as its competitors.

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