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Sharp LM32K10 Sharp LM32K10 Sharp LM32K10

#LM32K10 sharp LM32K10 New SHARP 4.7inch Panel 320×240 10:1 Monochrome CCFL Parallel Data , LM32K10 pictures, LM32K10 price, #LM32K10 supplier
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Panel Brand : SHARP
Panel Model : LM32K10
Panel Type : FSTN-LCD , Panel 
Panel Size : 4.7 inch
Resolution : 320×240 , QVGA 
Display Mode : STN, Black/White (Positive) 
Active Area : 95.98×71.98 mm
Outline : 148×96 mm
Brightness : 50 cd/m² (Typ.) 
Contrast Ratio : 10 : 1 (Typ.)  
Display Colors : Monochrome  
Response Time : 100/150 (Typ.)(Tr/Td) 
Lamp Type : 1 pcs CCFL   
Signal Interface : Parallel Data (4-bit)  
Input Voltage : 5.0V (Typ.) 

LM32K10 inverter, LM32K10 power supply, LM32K10 electronic board, LM32K10 VGA board, LM32K10 touchscreen available.

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