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Semikron SKM75GAL063D Semikron SKM75GAL063D

#SKM75GAL063D Semikron SKM75GAL063D New Trans IGBT Module N-CH 600V 100A 7-Pin Case D-61, SKM75GAL063D pictures, SKM75GAL063D price, #SKM75GAL063D supplier
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SEMITRANS 2 (94x34x30)
Housing SEMITRANS 2 (94x34x30)
(LLxBBxHH) 94x34x30
Switches Single Switch
VCES in V 600
ICnom in A 75
Technology NPT IGBT (Standard)

Mounting: Screw
PCB changed: 7
Channel Type: N
Configuration: Single
Maximum Collector-Emitter Voltage (V): 600
Typical Collector Emitter Saturation Voltage (V): 2.1
Maximum Gate Emitter Voltage (V): ±20
Maximum Continuous Collector Current (A): 100
Minimum Operating Temperature (°C): -40
Maximum Operating Temperature (°C):150
Automotive: No
Standard Package Name:Module
Pin Count: 7
Supplier Package: Case D-61

Trans IGBT Module N-CH 600V 100A 7-Pin Case D-61

Shunlongwei Inspected Every SKM75GAL063D Before Ship, All SKM75GAL063D with 6 months warranty.

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