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Semikron SKIIP31NAB12T11 Semikron SKIIP31NAB12T11

#SKIIP31NAB12T11 Semikron SKIIP31NAB12T11 New SKIIP31NAB12T11 1200V35A , SKIIP31NAB12T11 pictures, SKIIP31NAB12T11 price, #SKIIP31NAB12T11 supplier
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SKIIP31NAB12T11 Description

MiniSKiip 3 Semikron integrated Power SKIIP31NAB12T11 3-phase bridge rectifier+braking chopper 3-phase bridge inverter.
.also available with powerful chopper.For characteristics please refer to Inverter IGBT
1)Theatsink=25℃,unless otherwise specified
2)CAL=Controlled Axial Lifetime Technology (soft and fast recovery)
.For diagrams of the Chopper IGBT please refer to SKiiP 22NAB12T18
This technical information specifies semiconductor devices but promises no characteristics.No warranty of guarantee Expressed of implied is made regarding delivery,performance of suitability.

SKIIP31NAB12T11 1200V35A

Shunlongwei Inspected Every SKIIP31NAB12T11 Before Ship, All SKIIP31NAB12T11 with 6 months warranty.

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