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Research on the latest ASO Apple App Store algorithm

The algorithm of the ASO Apple App Store has always been a topic of concern to app developers. After the eleventh, I did a simple research on the apps with obvious changes on the list, as follows:

1. Navigation apps and camera apps.

The list has changed more obviously. It can be directly judged that it was caused by the travel and camera needs during the November period. At the end of November, without the holiday blessing, it is obvious that the list tends to decline.

2. The list has obvious periodic peaks and troughs.

The November holiday has clearly magnified this regularity, such as National K Songs, Traffic Management 12123, Dingding, etc. 3. Among them, Dingding’s regularity is the most obvious. The reason is that you can probably guess the same. Dingding’s user attributes determine that its user activity must plummet during non-working hours.

In view of the ranking changes of the above applications, it can be seen that:

1. In Apple’s algorithm, downloads are no longer the main factor affecting the ranking of the list.

User activity, number of openings, and duration of use, etc., can also have a greater impact on the ranking of the list.

2. During the eleventh period of AutoNavi Maps and Baidu Maps

The rankings of the rankings rose significantly, and it was nothing more than downloads by new users, secondary downloads by old users, and concentrated use of users during the eleventh period (the number of openings and the length of use increased). It is difficult to judge the specific impact ratio due to each aspect, but the proportion of downloads by new users should not be too large.

3. Here, Dingding provides a perfect case reference, and can make the following assumptions:

1) Before and after November, the download volume of DingTalk is a constant value (due to the functional characteristics of the product, there is no need for large-scale purchase of DingTalk before and after November);
2) During the eleventh period, users will not uninstall DingTalk (after the holiday, users still need to use DingTalk, which basically does not uninstall, so the problem of the second download by old users after the eleventh can be ruled out);
3) The daily activity before eleven and the daily activity after eleven are basically the same. It can be concluded that Dingding dropped from TOP47 to TOP179, and then rose to TOP41. The ranking change of the list is due to activity Caused by decline and rebound.

Dingding’s total monthly life is calculated at 50 million, ios monthly life is about 10 million, and ios daily life is about 1 million to 3 million (monthly life is not responsible for authenticity). In other words, 1 million to 3 million daily active ios can reach about TOP40 of the total list (in doubt, to be verified).

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