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Looking back at the development history of construction machinery in the past 10 years, it can be seen that the construction machinery industry is developing in the direction of informatization, intelligence, and integration. As one of the barometers of national economic development, the sales data of the construction machinery industry in 2018 has shown a steadily rising situation, and the amount of updates has also increased significantly year by year.

While the number of updates is increasing year by year, we cannot ignore the support of another partner in the past 10 years-the laser cutting machine. Laser cutting machines began to be widely used in the construction machinery industry 10 years ago, mainly used for cutting materials such as concrete, cranes, road machines, loaders, port machinery, excavators, fire-fighting machinery, and sanitation machinery.

Application of laser cutting in construction machinery industry

The main advantages of laser cutting machine : fast speed, smooth and flat incision, generally no need for subsequent processing; small cutting heat affected zone, small plate deformation, narrow cutting seam; no mechanical stress in the incision, no shearing burr; high processing accuracy and repeatability Good, no damage to the surface of the material; CNC programming, can process any plan, can cut a large area of ​​the whole board, no need to open a mold, economical and time-saving features.

Application of laser cutting in construction machinery industry

There are many types of materials that can be cut by laser, including non-metallic plates such as plexiglass, wood, plastic, and various metal materials such as stainless steel, carbon steel, alloy steel, and aluminum plate.

With the continuous deepening of research and the integration of “Internet +”, “big data” and other elements, laser cutting machines will continue to develop in the direction of high precision and high intelligence, and solve many problems in construction machinery processing. It is also used more widely.

Leather is everywhere around us, whether it is genuine leather or artificial leather, from leather shoes to leather clothing, car seat cushions, etc. With the advancement of technology, leather cutting equipment is also being updated. Now non-metal laser cutting machines are used for leather cutting. Popular in the industry.

The non-metal cutting machine is mainly applied to leather, cloth, denim velvet, pure cotton silk and other materials. It can automatically feed materials, which greatly increases production efficiency. It is suitable for small batches and diversified orders. Such needs require manufacturers to be able to meet their needs. The market reacted quickly and completed the delivery in time.

Product characteristics of non-metal laser cutting machine for cutting leather

The large-format laser cutting incision is smooth and fine, which can meet the blanking processing of the whole piece of fabric

Fully automatic feeding and receiving, saving time and increasing work efficiency

The feeding system adopts the B-shaped belt table, and the crawler belt automatically feeds, which is convenient for the free movement of the processed objects on the table.

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