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At present, the game new knowledge has confirmed with some developers that the online games that are required to provide the version number include: 1. paid download games; 2. games with internal purchase. Apple has sent an email to some Chinese game developers. The email reads as follows.

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No version number online games

As you may be aware, Chinese law requires games to obtain an approval number from the Chinese State Press and Publication Administration. In order for your paid games or games with in-app purchases to work on the App Store in China, please enter your game’s version number and supporting documents in the “App Information” section of the App Store Connect game page and submit an update to App Review by July 31. Otherwise, after July 31, your game will not be available on the App Store China until after you submit the approved version number.

It is reported that a week ago in the Apple implementation of the new rules of the game version, only mentioned that after July 1 new games on the shelves must provide the game version number to pass the review. In today’s email, it is clear that the result of “online games with paid/in-app purchases without a license number” is that the game license number and related documents must be submitted before July 31, otherwise the game will not be available on the App Store China after July 31. Otherwise, the game will not be available on the App Store China after July 31.

At present, the game new knowledge has confirmed with some developers that the online games that are required to provide the version number include: 1. paid download games; games with internal purchase.

According to the statistics of Seven Wheat, the number of games online in App Store China is 22w+, among which there are more than 20,000 paid games and more than 40,000 games with in-app purchase items. It is worth noting that now all online games without version number that are paid/containing in-app purchase items no longer support updates. If the new rules in this email are implemented soon, then after July 31, unlicensed online games with paid/in-app purchases will face the result of being taken down, which will have a very wide impact.

Apple’s new version number rules at a glance

In February, Apple issued new rules

In February, Apple updated the App Store’s back-end review page with the following message: “According to Chinese law, the game needs to obtain an approval number issued by the General Administration of Press and Publication. Therefore, please provide the approval number for any paid games or games that offer in-app purchases that you plan to release in the mainland by June 30, 2020.”

On July 1, iTC’s backend is now prompted by the version number

On July 1, when the App is a game category, several sections of the iTC backend appear to prompt for the need to provide an online game publication number for paid games or games that include in-app purchase items, and provide an entrance to fill in the version number in the App category section. (For details, please click here)

On July 8, Apple notified the “Online Games” result by email

On July 8, Apple sent an email to some developers informing them that if they do not submit the version number information of paid games by July 31, the games will be taken down.

You can try to appeal to Apple if you have been wrongly removed from the game

After the implementation of the new game license number rules on July 1, Apple had taken down more than 1,000 game apps for 4 consecutive days, with the highest number of 2,394 game products taken down in a single day.

Among the apps that were taken down like crazy, there were also some super casual games that were not paid and did not contain in-app purchases.

We have received feedback from developers that some of these mistreated products have contacted Apple and are now back on the shelves. We suggest that developers of non-paying, non-app purchase games should try to contact Apple to appeal for a chance to be re-shelved.


At present, Apple has only sent a small number of game developers a notification email saying “Failure to submit the version number will result in removal from shelves after July 31”, and most developers have not received the notification.

However, we can still see that Apple has already started to implement the new version number rules, and the regulation of the version number will become more and more strict.

Recently, there is feedback from developers that they have been rejected by Apple for using the PS version number. It can be seen that the way to exploit the loopholes can no longer completely muddle through.

In the case of the new rules of the version number more and more strict, it is recommended that developers who have the ability to apply for the version number as soon as possible; if conditions do not allow, whether it is out of the sea, or the use of the deletion of internal purchase, implantation of advertising, etc., it is recommended that we try up as soon as possible.

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