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As a developer, you should pay attention to the national policies and let your products follow them to make corresponding changes to avoid your products being interviewed and taken off the shelves for related reasons. The following is the impact of national policies on the Internet industry in the first half of 2019, as compiled by Seven Wheat.

Table of Content

News self-publishing platform, content audit to pay attention

At the beginning of the year, the relevant news and information platforms of Sohu and Baidu were interviewed for the existence of pornography and dissemination of vulgar and vulgar information, and ordered to suspend the update of illegal channels for one week during the rectification period, and the platforms entered the stage of self-examination and self-correction.

Mimeng’s account was blocked, strictly investigate the content of the platform

Mimeng and his accounts were blocked for spreading negative social energy due to the article “Death of a Scholar from a Cold Family”. Subsequently, WeChat announced that it had blocked about 4w accounts for pornography, vulgarity and headline party.

News and Sina Blog were taken offline for one month

Sina.com was interviewed by the Internet Information Office for continuously spreading illegal and harmful information such as misleading, false and untrue information. Subsequently, Sina News and Sina Blog were taken offline for one month for rectification.

Suggestions: Remind developers to pay attention to self-examination and self-correction, and resolutely eliminate pornographic, false and other inaccurate information on the platform; developers can guide users to improve their personal information and carry out real-name authentication by means of rewards. As in Pulse, users can get the corresponding certification after mission certification, which can stimulate the enthusiasm of users to participate.

The issue of pornography has become the focus of review!

New applications such as Dosun were asked to improve the Security Assessment Report

WeChat version 7.0, Chatbot, Makuhari MT, and Doshen corporate leaders were interviewed for launching new applications with new features, and were instructed to fulfill and improve their security mechanism procedures and carry out security assessments in accordance with the law.

9 stranger social networking products, such as Bi Neighbor, were taken offline

Nine strangers’ social networking products, including Bijin, Chat, and Miyan, were taken down by the Internet Information Office for spreading pornographic information and other services. Soon after that, Tan Tan was also taken down for the same reason.

Stranger and many other community products face the whole

Nail community, Tan Tan, Stranger due to the existence of bad information in the community section, suspend dynamic updates for a month, the platform will enter a self-examination and self-correction, rectification phase.

Suggestions: Stranger social developers need to strengthen the management of users and content, but also to increase the real-name authentication function, so that bad information and content have evidence; new features new applications new technologies online, developers need to prepare in advance the “security assessment report” (what is the “security assessment report”?). (Poke the text!)

Audio and video platforms face comprehensive reform

Anti-addiction system for short video and live broadcast

At the end of March, popular short video platforms such as Jitterbug, Faster, Volcano, etc., took the lead in becoming a platform for the Net Information Office to organize a pilot online anti-addiction system for youth. At the end of April, the official “parental control mode” was launched on screeners.

Many audio models were taken down from the Internet

Twenty-six audio platforms, including Zeeya, Soul, Language Play, and OneSpeak FM, were interviewed, taken offline, and shut down for spreading historical nihilism and obscene pornography, respectively. SevenMac data monitored that a number of online audio products such as Soul, NetEase Cloud Music, Zeeya, Hello Voice and Penguin FM were taken down from the entire network.

Suggestions: It is recommended that developers with teenagers as the main users should target their products with “teenager mode” and “parental control mode”; for products containing audio functions, developers can increase the difficulty of applying for history and literature anchors, or adopt real-name authentication to reduce or even eliminate the appearance of false information.

Education App faces high pressure management

Learning App is being focused on regulation

The General Office of the Ministry of Education has issued the Notice on Strictly Prohibiting Harmful Apps from Entering Primary and Secondary School Campuses and the Essentials of Education Informatization and Network Security Work in 2019, jointly with the Ministry of Network Information to govern the disorder of campus apps, focusing on strengthening the standardized management of learning apps.

Teen apps were taken down

More than 20 education apps, such as Homework Dog, Pocket Teacher and Middle School Knowledge Point Book, were cleaned up and taken down because of illegal acts such as spreading obscenity and pornography. In addition, the Internet Information Office has taken down 1. 21w youth-related illegal apps of secondary yuan and social networking.

Suggestions: Remind education app developers to pay attention to the relevant policies issued by the Ministry of Education and the Net Office, and adjust their products in a timely manner; strictly review the content of their products to prevent pornography, gambling and drugs from appearing, so as to prevent their products from being taken down.

Personal privacy is still the focus of rectification

On May 13, the Internet Information Office issued the “App illegal collection and violation of the use of personal information determination methods (draft for comment)”, clearly defining the App collection and use of personal information illegal behavior, such as App no privacy policy, user agreement, the use of personal information collected without consent. Subsequently, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology released the “List of Internet Enterprises with Problems Found in the Inspection of Users’ Personal Information Protection in the First Quarter of 2019”, in which 18 enterprises such as Hungry, Little Red Book and NetEase Kaola were named.

After WWDC19 this year, Apple’s audit guidelines also made enhancements to privacy protection and said that the relevant App needs to be revised by September 3, 2019. It can be seen that both the national government and the app store have always attached great importance to user privacy protection.

Suggestions: Remind developers to pay attention to and follow up on the requirements of the Draft for Public Comments (specific specifications: http://www.cac.gov.cn/2019-05/13/c_1124485485.htm), check and correct themselves in accordance with its relevant provisions, avoid stepping on mines; make adjustments to the product presentation to adapt to Apple’s audit requirements; and do not monitor and steal. Do not sell user privacy data.

Derivatives of the policy

Garbage sorting App and applet are born

Since July 1, Shanghai has officially implemented the “Shanghai Municipal Regulations on Domestic Waste Management”, which stipulates that individuals can be fined up to 200 yuan for mixing garbage, and units can be fined up to 50,000 yuan for mixing garbage. Subsequently, the App, applet and H5 on garbage classification were born rapidly and their popularity soared.

According to the data of Seven Wheat, the search index of keyword “garbage classification” has increased from 4000+ to 7000+ in one month. After Alipay launched garbage classification applet, the cumulative number of new users of the applet has exceeded one million by noon on July 3.

Baidu, 360 and other search engine sites were interviewed

Baidu, 360 and other search engine sites for the search “college entrance examination volunteer” and other information, high-priced fee App, website or consulting agencies listed in the front by the Ministry of Education interview.

Suggestions: the policy is also an opportunity for developers, developers can develop related products, with the heat to gain volume; can also add relevant features in the product, to attract traffic for the product. For example, in the puzzle game “Dreamland Detective”, add garbage sorting game; and in the volunteer app, add AI to fill in the volunteer functions.


The state focuses on combating the dissemination of obscenity, pornography and other illegal and illegal information platforms. It is recommended that each platform self-correct, and firmly punish bad content and information; social, live, short video and other developers can raise the threshold of user certification.

The state controls the review of related products with young people as the main users. It is suggested that product developers in the field of games, short videos, education, etc. should respond positively to the national policy, and at the same time, they can combine more relevant experiences of parents and teachers to design product functions targeted to teenagers

Seize the opportunity of the new policy and gain volume with the heat. At the time of new policies and hotness, it is recommended that developers debug products related to direct traffic hotness for products to gain volume.

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