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In early March, we introduced you to a brand new ASOdesk with updated navigation and new reviews tools. We continue to improve tools and implement new features for reviews analytics and replies to reviews.

App Rating Analysis 

The brand new Rating Analysis tool allows you to analyze the App Store and Google Play app rating. You can view app’s number of rеviews and average rating in a country for any period.

New features for tracking app reviews in Reviews & Replies Board

More data in user reviews

Deleted app reviews

A new filter allows you to view deleted reviews and download them as an excel spreadsheet. You will be able to check which reviews have been deleted by moderators or users themselves. 

New features for reviews analysis 

Deleted reviews analytics

With the help of Reviews Analysis, you can track the dynamics of deleted reviews for any period.

Let’s take a look at the app Robinhood in the USA as an example. At the end of January, users actively posted 1-star reviews. On the graph, we can see that Apple removed over 100,000 reviews within 3 days.

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