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Mitsubishi QM200DY-H Mitsubishi QM200DY-H

#QM200DY-H Mitsubishi QM200DY-H New Power Transistor Module 200Amp 500Volt, QM200DY-H pictures, QM200DY-H price, #QM200DY-H supplier
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QM200DY-H Description

QM200DY-H 100A – Power Transistor Module for medium power switching use, insulated type, Power Transistor Module, 200 Amp, 500 Volt

QM200DY-H  1.04 lbs
QM200DY-H could be used in Inverters, Servo drives, DC motor controllers, NC equipment, Welders
Power Transistor Module for medium power switching use

VCES Collector-Emitter Voltage 600V
±IC Collector Current  200A
±ICP Collector Current (Peak) 600A
PC Collector Dissipation 1050W
Tj Junction Temperature –40 ~ +150°C
IC Collector Current 200A
ICP Collector Current (Peak) 300A
PC Collector Dissipation 1050W
VR(DC) FWDi Rated DC Reverse Voltage 600V
IF FWDi Forward Current 2000A
Tj Junction Temperature –40 ~ +150°C

Power Transistor Module 200Amp 500Volt

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