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  • 1. Hold down the material. Overcome the traditional mold design structure, open the material gap on the discharge plate (that is, when the mold is closed, the material can be compressed. The key forming part, the discharge plate must be made into a block-type structure to facilitate the solution of long Time stamping causes abrasion (compression) loss at the pressure part of the discharge plate, and the material cannot be compressed.
  • 2. Reasonable mold design. In the progressive die, the arrangement of the blanking sequence may affect the forming accuracy of the stamping parts. For the blanking of small parts of stamping parts, generally a larger area of ​​punching is arranged first, and then a smaller area of ​​punching is arranged to reduce the impact of the punching force on the forming of the stamping part.
  • 3. Add a strong pressure function. That is to increase the size of the press part of the unloading insert (normal unloading insert thickness H+0.04mm) to increase the pressure on the material on the side of the die, so as to prevent the stamping part from turning over and twisting during punching.
  • 4. Unreasonable or uneven blanking gap is also the cause of turning over and twisting of stamping parts, which needs to be overcome.
  • 5. In daily mold production, care should be taken to maintain the sharpness of punching convex and concave die cutting edges. When the punching edge is worn, the tensile stress on the material will increase, and the tendency of the stamping part to turn over and twist becomes greater.
  • 6. The end of the punch edge is trimmed with a bevel or arc. This is an effective way to reduce cushioning and cutting power. By reducing the buffer cutting force, the tensile force on the material on the side of the die can be reduced, so as to achieve the effect of suppressing the turning and twisting of the stamping parts.


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