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Brands could be losing out on reaching young customers if they don’t revamp their digital presence for an improved shopping experience.

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New research by Sitecore finds that 57% of Gen Z shoppers said they were less loyal to brands after the COVID-19 crisis.

Even though 80% are up for trying new brands online since lockdowns were instated globally, some 63% said they were less patient where websites were slow or didn’t function well.

The survey of 1,000 Gen Z customers in the US found that over a third (37%) abandoned their shopping carts after a negative digital shopping experience.

And second chances are rare, with just 38% of shoppers giving brands another opportunity after a negative experience.

Where an online store was out of stock, 74% of Gen Z shoppers moved to another retailer.

At the same time, brand loyalty is something Gen Z shoppers expect to be rewarded for (76%).

“This study highlights that brands can’t ignore the power of poor digital experiences when it comes to Gen Z and its shopping habits,” said Paige O’Neill, chief marketing officer, Sitecore.

“This group has quickly shifted its significant spending power online, and pressure will continue to mount on retailers until they can deliver an experience that delights. Brand loyalty has evaporated and there is no margin for error any longer from browsing through to delivery. The ability to consistently create personalized experiences is critical to secure the wallets of Gen Z. This puts technology firmly at the center of this new battle for retailers.”

Some 26% of shoppers now use mobile devices for their online purchases and 63% find online shopping more enjoyable than in-person.

What’s interesting and important for brand marketers to take a note of is that 83% of Gen Z consider online shopping an experience rather than a mere transaction with 71% wanting a personalised experience and speedy delivery (80%).

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