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  • For the processing on the mold (hardness>350HB), the hardness matching of the conjugate gear is the same as the processing of the drawing mold.
  • For drawing die processing (hardness <350HB), the minimum hardness of the pinion in the spur gear should be 20-25HB higher than the maximum hardness of the conjugate large gear, and the minimum hardness of the pinion should be greater than the maximum hardness of the conjugate large gear. High 40-50HB.
  • In terms of soft-hard tooth surface coordination, if the small gear adopts surface hardening treatment, the large gear can be treated with nitriding, carburizing, etc., taking the steam turbine reducer as an example, the hardness of the driving gear shaft is 285-320HB, The hardness of the driven gear is 245-285HB.
  • The pressure core cannot act as a pressure piece and return the material: the pressure core is not uniformly stressed, there is a gap in the guide, and the material is stuck without returning;
  • After trimming, the core pressing force is not enough;
  • After trimming, the parts are deformed and stuck in the pressing core.

The improvement and preventive measures of trimming tape clips are as follows:

1. Solve the problem

  • 1) For the case where the pressure core is stuck and cannot be returned normally due to uneven force of the pressure core and incorrect guidance, the gap between the guide plate and the guide sliding surface can be adjusted.
  • 2) Spring arrangement position and changing spring specifications to ensure uniform force.
  • 3) Press core guide: guide the press core, mainly to ensure the gap between the press core and the die edge, the general value is 0.5mm.
  • 4) Core pressing stroke: The pressing core stroke requires that the pressing core pre-compact the part before the cutting edge is cut; the shearing before the part is compressed can easily cause deformation of the part, trimming tearing, jamming, etc. Before the die touches the stamping part, the pre-compression stroke of the pressure core is ≥10mm.

2. Solve the problem

  • 1) The withdrawal force varies with the thickness and shape of the plate, generally 4-20% of the blanking force.
  • 2) It is necessary to increase the withdrawal force when there is vertical cutting in the stamped aluminum parts processing and trimming mold.
  • 3) The force source is preferably a spring, and the force source is arranged close to the working part; for the less demanding material withdrawal force, polyurethane etc. can be used to provide the material withdrawal force.
  • 4) Calculation of force. Spring pressure F=kL, k is related to spring cross-sectional shape, inner and outer diameter dimensions and spring steel material properties, L is the amount of deformation; the pressure of the nitrogen spring changes almost linearly, with no need for preloading, large initial pressure, small space occupation, and long life And the response frequency can reach more than 40 times per minute.

3. Address the problem

  • 1) Insufficient mold grinding and bonding can lead to deformation of the part. The mold can be researched and bonded to solve the problem of part deformation and jamming.
  • 2) Add elastic ejector pins in the pressure core to set the parts out of the pressure core.


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