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  • 1. For sliding windows with a width of more than 1 meter, or double-glazed doors and windows, double pulleys should be installed, or movable elastic pulleys should be used.
  • 2. The models, specifications and functions of hardware fittings should conform to the current national standards and relevant regulations, and match the selection of plastic steel doors and windows.
  • 3. The sliding support hinge shall not be made of aluminum alloy, but shall be made of stainless steel.
  • 4. To install hardware with fastening screws, a metal lining plate must be installed inside, and the thickness of the lining plate should be at least twice the pitch of the fasteners. It must not be fastened to plastic profiles, and non-metallic linings must not be used.
  • 5. Hardware fittings should be installed last, and door and window locks and handles should be assembled after the window and door leaves are in the frame to ensure accurate position and flexible opening and closing.
  • 6. Pay attention to maintenance after installation of metal stamping parts to prevent rust and corrosion. In daily use, lightly close and open lightly to prevent hard closing and hard opening, which may cause damage. No noise, there is the current nylon wheel. Not only does it push and pull without noise, it is smoother, lighter, and has a service life that is not shorter than the above various pulleys. To make the doors and windows normal. For smooth operation, you must choose a high-quality door and window Inferior pulleys. On the surface, the workmanship is rough and clumsy. They are not smooth. They are not flexible to slide, and are small and light.

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