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  • The strong pressure on the material causes plastic deformation of the material, which will cause the punching size to become larger. When the strong pressure is reduced, the punching size will become smaller.
  • The shape of the edge of the punch’s edge. If the end is trimmed with a bevel or arc, the punching force is not easy to turn over or twist because the punching force is slowed down, so the punching size will become larger. When the end of the punch is flat (no bevel or arc), the punching size will be relatively small.
  • When the punching edge is worn, the tensile stress on the material increases, and the tendency of the stamping parts to turn over and twist increases.When turning over, the size of the punching hole will become smaller.
  • Burr: mainly occurs in the cutting die and blanking die, the gap between the cutting edges may be large or small, which will produce burrs;
  • Adhesion and scratches: defects that appear on the surface of the part or mold due to the friction between the material and the convex mold or the concave mold;
  • Wrinkles: due to poor adjustment of the press slider, low press accuracy, improper adjustment of air cushion pressure, large punch or r part, etc., wrinkles on the edge or r part are caused.
  • Tortuous: due to uneven stress, poor drawbead matching or poor control of the press slider, the r-corner or embossed part of the part has tortuous and strain;
  • Concave and convex: foreign matter (iron filings, rubber, dust) mixed into the uncoiling line causes convex and concave;
  • Line offset: When the part is formed, the part that first contacts the mold is squeezed and a line is formed;


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