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Infineon FZ600R65KF2 Infineon FZ600R65KF2

#FZ600R65KF2 infineon FZ600R65KF2 New Single-Channel SCALE Plug-and-Play IGBT Driver 1200V/115A, FZ600R65KF2 pictures, FZ600R65KF2 price, #FZ600R65KF2 supplier
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This data sheet contains only product-specific data. For a detailed description, mustread application notes and common data that apply to the whole series, please refer to the “Description and Application Manual for 1SD210F2-FZ600R65KF2
SCALE High-Voltage IGBT Drivers”. 
Supply voltage V DC VDC to GND (Note 1) 0 17.3 V
Gate peak current I out Note 8 -6 +10 A
Average supply current I DC Standard and Opt. 1 (Note 3) 190 mA
Opt. 2 (Note 3) 225 mA
Output power gate driver Notes 3,11 2 W
Switching frequency Note 11 6 kHz
DC-link voltage Note 5 4400 V
Operating temperature Note 11 -40 +85 °C
Storage temperature -40 +90 °C
Vce-monitoring threshold Between aux. terminals 1200 V
Supply current I DC Standard and 80 mA ~115 mA

Single-Channel SCALE Plug-and-Play IGBT Driver 1200V/115A

Shunlongwei Inspected Every FZ600R65KF2 Before Ship, All FZ600R65KF2 with 6 months warranty.

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