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Infineon FF200R12KT4 Infineon FF200R12KT4

#FF200R12KT4 infineon FF200R12KT4 New IGBT Modules N-CH 1.2KV and 200A~400A, FF200R12KT4 pictures, FF200R12KT4 price, #FF200R12KT4 supplier
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FF200R12KT4 Datasheet
Kollektor-Emitter-Sperrspannung Collector-emittervoltage VCES 1200 V
Kollektor-Dauergleichstrom ContinuousDCcollectorcurrent IC 200A
PeriodischerKollektor-Spitzenstrom Repetitivepeakcollectorcurrent ICP 400A
Gesamt-Verlustleistung Totalpowerdissipation TC = 25°C, Tvj max = 175°C Ptot 1100 W
Gate-Emitter-Spitzenspannung Gate-emitterpeakvoltage VGES +/-20 V
TemperaturimSchaltbetrieb Temperatureunderswitchingconditions Tvj op -40 150 °C

Height: 30.5 mm
Length: 106.4 mm

IGBT Modules N-CH 1.2KV and 200A~400A

Shunlongwei Inspected Every FF200R12KT4 Before Ship, All FF200R12KT4 with 6 months warranty.

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