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Before releasing your mobile app or starting your App Store Optimization strategy, it is crucial to understand the mobile industry. Competitor analysis is a must, but understanding the whole app market will help you plan your next steps.

App Radar understands that to bring your app to the next level, you’ll need as much data as possible to succeed. We are still talking about a market where 3000 apps are uploaded to the app stores daily. With this in mind, we have just released our App Downloads and Download Trends features.

This shows that the app market for this category is tough for newcomers. You can also see how Spotify, in theory, is more successful than YouTube Music in terms of total downloads. However, when you look at this specific time frame, YouTube Music had almost 3 times more installs than Spotify. This means that Spotify got a strong new competitor, and they have to watch out not to lose users to YouTube Music.

It’s interesting to see that Supercell has 7 apps available in the Google Play Store, and not all of them are strategy games. But still, these are the games that take Supercell to the top.

Another interesting point is that we saw that Supercell had the top 2 most downloaded apps for strategy games, and Plant vs. Zombies FREE, by Eletronic Arts, was the top 3rd. However, Electronic Arts isn’t the second most downloaded developer in this category, they are still behind IGG.COM. What is the reason for that? When we see the whole portfolio of apps, we reached the conclusion that Electronic Arts only has Plant vs. Zombies FREE as a strategy game, while, IGG.COM has many more.

Understanding the App Market with App Downloads

App Analysis

When using the App Downloads, you will be able to see the total and daily download number of any app in the Google Play Store. You type the app’s name, add it, and then you will see it on the table. From there, you can add it to the chart and visualize the download history of that app.

When we look at Spotify, we can see that during February 15th and 21st, it was downloaded 4,604,985 times. If you move over to the daily chart, you can see which day was the download peak and if the growth was linear. If you have a music app, that’s great to understand which days are potentially good days for apps like yours or how strong your competitor’s presence is in the app market. When looking at our example, we can see that Monday was the strongest day for the app, while Thursday was the weakest.

App Developer Analysis

When analyzing your app category, it’s also important to know who are the companies behind the successful apps. What can you learn from them? If your competitor’s app is part of a developer group, you should definitely understand how big are their other apps and how their growth process is developing. For example, when we look for Google LLC, we can see the downloads of all the apps Google has developed. Then, we can know that during the selected period, Google’s strongest app was Google Play Services, while the weakest was Google News. 

In fact, the app downloads aren’t decreasing; it shows stable growth. But when we move over to the Top Charts feature, we can see that Google News is in the top charts for the “News & Magazines” Category, but in position number 26. While YouTube, which we saw in the Developer View is one of their strongest apps, is in the top charts for the “Video Players & Editors” in position number 7. Then, we can understand that there is room for improvement on their news app, maybe even to get a better ranking position on top charts.

The Developer View is also essential for Google Play Store. Google’s algorithm takes into consideration the developer’s name, meaning your app can be found on a search based on it. Besides that, the developer’s history is also relevant, so if you have many downloads or a lot of positive reviews as a developer, this will be good for your apps rankings.

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