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In the design process of aluminum alloy die castings, many customers are uncertain about the thickness of aluminum alloy die castings, and they do not know how thin the thickness of aluminum alloy die castings can be.

  1. The aluminum alloy die-cast product wall is also not suitable for too thin, large-scale and too thin walls are prone to defects such as under-casting and cold partition.
  1. The choice of wall thickness for aluminum alloy die-casting products: under normal conditions, the wall thickness is not suitable to exceed 4.5mm, suitable for small and medium-sized castings: zinc alloy material 1-3mm, aluminum and magnesium alloy 1.5-4mm, alloy copper 2- 4mm.
  1. The thickness of aluminum alloy die-casting products should be uniform, which is beneficial to the additional condensation of aluminum alloy liquid after “filling”. It can prevent the disadvantages of forging ground stress, shrinkage porosity and cracks.
  1. For the thick-walled pipe part of the aluminum die-casting product variety, ribs or cast inserts can be selected to enhance its physical properties and improve process performance.

Therefore, in the thick wall design of aluminum alloy die-casting parts, it is not suitable to choose the method of raising the thickness of the wall to increase the bearing capacity of aluminum die-casting products. When the thickness of the casting exceeds the necessary limit, its impact toughness will decrease accordingly. Excessive thickness of the silicone casting wall will easily cause shrinkage porosity and air vents, and will cause the initial setting of the aluminum alloy die-casting production process to cause long initial setting, large shrinkage, core pulling, difficult demolding and other unfavorable conditions.

We focus on aluminum alloy die-casting customization and have many experienced die-casting production teams. We can also provide you with reasonable and effective suggestions during the process of thick wall control of aluminum alloy die-casting parts!

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