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App developers are a dime a dozen, which makes finding the right app development partner or firm to work with tricky — especially when building something as complex as medical software. In this article, we’ll provide the steps necessary for choosing the medical app development partner that’s right for your business.


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Evaluating Potential Medical App Development Partners

While there are many potential benefits of outsourcing app development, many of these benefits depend on finding the right development team.

There is no shortage of stories about companies that partnered with a badly-managed outsourced team and ended up having projects that dragged on much longer than expected, or products that were not up to quality standards.

We’ve had many of these companies turn to us to rescue their projects. We fully understand that choosing the wrong partner can mean months of delay, buggy and bad code, a poorly designed user experience, and worst of all – tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars wasted.

Finding the right mobile app development firm can mean the difference between a profitable mobile business and inefficiently wasting money.

For many companies, Koombea is THE medical app development partner of choice.


Questions to Ask When Searching for a Medical App Development Partner

Koombea has a proven track record of building comprehensive medical applications for clients at speed.

In hopes of getting you on the right track in your search for a medical app development partner, we’ve put together a list of questions that we’re frequently asked by potential clients:


Do you know/understand how HIPAA privacy protection rules might apply to apps?

The nuances of HIPAA can get complicated. Privacy and security protections are sometimes required by federal and state laws, including the HIPAA Privacy, Security, and Breach Notification Rules.

Yet many healthcare app developers are not familiar with HIPAA, and how the rules apply to their products.


Can we sign an NDA?

If your business idea is sensitive or valuable from an intellectual property (IP) standpoint, ask for a signed non-disclosure agreement (NDA) before you discuss your project in detail. Koombea is happy to provide an NDA after a brief initial phone conversation.

When in doubt, execute an NDA.


Can I have the contact information of your former clients?

Checking references is key when it comes to hiring a mobile application development agency.

It’s important to review portfolios, and some may be quite impressive. However, it really may not tell the entire story of the development process, and all the details that went into it.

Get the contact information of multiple former clients from the company, then get in touch with those contacts to ask about their experience working with the agency. You want to ensure that you not only end up with a great app at the end of the process, but also that the development process is stress-free, easy, and enjoyable.


What is your development methodology?

Reliable companies stick to modern, Agile development approaches that allow them to build software efficiently and productively compared to more conventional methods. They understand that the technical world is changing rapidly, and there are capable of adapting to the changes quickly.


How experienced are your developers?

Ensure that your medical app development partner employs experienced, qualified developers that are capable of building MedTech solutions, and are able to deliver these solutions on time and within budget.

At Koombea, all of the development resources that are available to our clients have been with the team for a minimum of three years, have a four-year degree, are ranked Senior, and are certified Scrum Masters.


Be Ultra-Selective When Choosing a Medical App Development Partner

With more than 6,000 mobile app development companies worldwide, it’s clearly a buyer’s market; you need to be ultra-selective.

Seeking more help in selecting the right vendor? Consider these 5 App Quality Tests You Should Expect from a Developer.


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