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In recent years, the rapid rise of the silver hair economy has not only triggered a large number of entrants to go for gold, but also the problems exposed have led to the introduction of policies by the relevant departments.

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Trillion-level “silver hair economy” has unlimited potential

According to the “China Aging Industry Development Report”, the consumption potential of China’s elderly population over 60 years old will grow from about 4 trillion yuan to 106 trillion yuan between 2014 and 2050. The experience of living in isolation at home during the epidemic has accelerated the integration of the silver-haired group into Internet life. They not only learned to shop online, but also enjoyed it, placing orders more and more skillfully and frequently.

At a time when the demographic dividend is gradually disappearing, segments such as silver-haired economy and her economy have become important moves for some companies to compete, expand their brand voice and enrich their revenue structure.

Take the Boxma App statistics as an example, in 2020 the silver-haired group spent 3.6% more on online food than other groups, becoming the main force of fresh income. Information apps, video calls and other platforms have also become new areas for the elderly to explore, and the underestimated “silver-haired economy” market is rising.

For example, OPPO has already equipped some models with screen sharing and remote guarding functions to facilitate young people to help their elders to operate their cell phones remotely.

For example, OPPO has already equipped some models with screen sharing and remote guarding functions, so that young people can remotely help their elders to operate their phones. The solution.

Taobao, WeChat, Alipay and other platforms have also launched special accounts, and products for the elderly are emerging, such as the audiobook “Xiao Nian Gao” and the “Sugar Dou Square Dance” designed for square dance masters and mothers, and other products are also breaking the circle. In addition, in the field of clothing, food, housing and transportation, apps such as Meituan, Ctrip and Drip have also launched age-appropriate versions, so that the elderly can enjoy a convenient and intelligent life, and there are many gaps and potentials in the “silver hair market” waiting to be discovered and filled.

“The old-age friendly version of the App has been banned from pop-up windows and other specifications

The considerable property income of silver-haired people and the increasing rate of Internet access have long presented a promising and prosperous silver-haired economy in front of everyone, and attracted the attention of Internet giants. But also correspondingly exposed a lot of problems, for example, most of the App also has a complex interface interaction, operation is not friendly and other problems, so that the elderly do not dare to use, will not use, can not use; applications in the mandatory advertising more, easy to mislead the elderly and other problems.

This time, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology issued the “specification” specifically proposed that the old-age friendly version of the interface, separate old-age friendly version of the App is strictly prohibited to appear advertising content and plug-ins, nor can randomly appear advertising or temporary advertising pop-ups. At the same time, there should be no induced download, induced payment and other induced button in the App.


Restrictions on advertising plug-ins and induced keys

Prohibit advertising plug-ins. Advertising content and plug-ins are strictly prohibited in the age-appropriate interface and the separate age-appropriate app, and no advertising or temporary advertising pop-ups can appear randomly.

Prohibit induced buttons. No induced buttons such as induced download and induced payment in mobile applications.

Secure personal information of elderly users

Mobile applications shall follow the principle of minimal necessity when processing personal information, that is, the processing of personal information shall have a clear and reasonable purpose, and shall be limited to the minimal scope of achieving the processing purpose, and shall not process personal information that is not related to the processing purpose, in order to protect the security of personal information of elderly users. Specific collection of information (such as location information, picture information, etc.) behavior should be in line with the “common types of mobile Internet applications necessary personal information range regulations” “APP collection and use of personal information minimum necessary assessment norms” requirements.

According to the latest technical requirements, details such as font size and line spacing of text within paragraphs of the App are regulated.

Font size adjustment In mobile applications, it is recommended to use sans serif fonts, and font size should be adjustable (adjusted with the system settings, or the mobile application has font size setting options internally), and the maximum font of the main functions and text information of the main interface (excluding subtitles, text images and text related to the functional effects of the mobile application) should not be less than 30 dp/pt, and the age-appropriate version of the interface and the main text information in the separate old-adapted version of the APP should be no less than 18 dp/pt, taking into account the applicable scenarios and display effects of the mobile application.

Line spacing The line spacing of the text in the paragraph is at least 1.3 times, and the paragraph spacing is at least 1.3 times larger than the line spacing, taking into account the applicable scenario and display effect of the mobile application.

In addition, there are also requirements for verification methods, operation time, interaction and other dimensions, so that the “ageing” of apps and websites have a reference standard. Detailed specification can be found at the end of the article]


According to the requirements of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the relevant websites and APPs can apply for evaluation to the Internet Society of China and China Academy of Information and Communication Technology respectively after completing the aging and accessibility transformation with reference to the above document before September 30 this year, and after passing the evaluation, they will be granted the information accessibility mark, which is valid for two years. The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology will add credit points to the “enterprise credit evaluation” for outstanding performance in aging and accessibility transformation, and will announce the evaluation results to the society before October 31 this year. This incentive measure, also reflects the “aging” transformation is imperative.

For the developers, in the case that the conventional advertising pop-ups are not allowed to appear in the age-appropriate version of the app, the advertising revenue is bound to be restricted, but there are still other ways to profit from the trillion-dollar “silver hair market”. In addition, in the long run, to do “for the sake of the elderly” in the details, in order to get the trust of “silver hair family” who have money and leisure, which is also the key to win the “silver hair market”. This is one of the important ways to win the “silver-haired market”.

*Attached is the “General Design Specification for Aging-Friendly Mobile Internet Applications (APP)” and “General Design Specification for Aging-Friendly Internet Websites”.

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