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Le Figaro is the first-ever and largest daily newspaper in France. With around 22 million monthly active users across their mobile and web apps, Le Figaro offers digital content covering news, sports, lifestyle, and economics.

Learn how Aura helped the acquisition team at Le Figaro focus on their best converting segments to reach their retention rate goal in just a few months.

Focusing on the long term

Our Le Figaro app has been active for more than 10 years now – giving us the ability to analyze the long-term behavior of our users. By breaking down the average amount of articles our users read as well as their login frequency, we learned that optimizing retention rate is key for growing our user acquisition activity.

Our biggest priority with Aura was being able to target users that show high engagement and retention.

Finding the best converting segments with Aura

We began working with Aura in May 2020 to optimize our users’ long-term behavior and reach our retention KPI. We found that, from the start, the team at Aura was highly engaged in our success and easy to work with.

“Over the past 9 months of partnership we managed to scale installs and to lower the CPRU (cost per retained user) by 70%. We look forward to continuing working with Aura and testing out new segments”

We started off by running several tests to find the smoothest flow and most profitable targeting strategy for each of our segments. Specifically, we tested different OEM and carrier brands and publishers, such as Orange, which proved to work well for our app. We also tested geotargeting in France and found the best performing locations, as well as specific devices.

Ultimately, it took a few months to find the best segments and improve our UA performance, bringing our retention rate closer to the KPI goal. The granular targeting capabilities that Aura offered us, like device model and age and gender, gave us the ability to reach quality, long-term users at scale.

Driving retention rates with quality targeting

Once we determined the strongest segments, we removed targeting and placements that weren’t performing well as a way to get more overall traffic from quality users.

We chose to run solely on Aura’s out of the box experience, in which Aura recommends our app to users who are setting up their brand new devices. By meeting users at the very first touchpoint in their new device lifecycle, we could ensure that Le Figaro would be the first newspaper app installed by key segments.

We also did a high level of optimization for our brand by focusing on specific devices and improving performance with high quality creatives. The team at Aura was hands-on throughout the entire process and the platform’s targeting capabilities made it possible for us to reach our goals.

The results

Ultimately, the process with Aura is straightforward, which has saved us a lot of time and resources in reaching our goals.

We reached our 30% retention rate in August, three months after launching the campaign. We also saw 4.5K installs in the last month, which was the highest rate since May.

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