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In the top 3 popular game download list, there are two new games: the casual “ageing” game “Moore Manor”, which was officially launched on June 1st, occupies the top position with an estimated download of 700w+; “Glory of the King” compared with last month It fell one place to second; third was the action game “Devil May Cry”, which was officially launched in June.

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Hot Game Marketing News in June : Strategy Games on Fire

In June, there were 13 new games on the popular game download list, which was an increase of 4 games compared to the previous month. The number of new games on the list accounted for 43% of the Top 30.

From the perspective of game types, action games are still the most popular, with 6 on the list; the number of strategy games on the list has increased significantly over the past few months, ranking second with 5 games. From the perspective of game manufacturers, Tencent’s games are still the most on the list, with 9 games on the list, an increase of 2 from the previous month; followed by NetEase, with 2 games on the list.

The top 3 of the popular game revenue list is still occupied by the 3 games of “Glory of the King”, “Peace Elite” and “Fantasy Westward Journey”; the momentum of the newly launched game “Moore Manor” cannot be underestimated, and it is ranked fourth in the revenue list position.

In the popular game revenue list, there are only 2 new games on the list, one less than in May. Strategy games increased by one compared to last month, with 8 games becoming the most popular game genre on the list in June; action and role-playing games are the next most popular, with 7 games on the list.

Popular games list Top 30

Judging from the manufacturers of the Top 30 in the popular game list, Tencent has 9 games on the list, the largest number; NetEase followed closely with a total of 6 games on the list.

Among the popular game rankings in June, strategy games “emerged suddenly”, and the number of games on the list increased significantly compared with previous months, fully demonstrating the outstanding ability of this type of game to attract money; in the download list, there are still many new games on the list. In the revenue list, it can be seen that it is very difficult to get into the top 30 revenue list of large companies; in June, the new game “Moore Manor” achieved the first place in the download list and the fourth place in the revenue list, becoming a well-deserved strength game in June.

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