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Have You Figured Out Your Target Audience Defintion?

Target market meaning

First, let’s define target market so that you know what it means. A target market can be described as a specific group of users that you intend to reach in your marketing efforts.

Your target market should be comprised of users who would benefit from your app. These users share similar demographics, preferences, lifestyles, and behaviors and would be the most likely users to want your app.

Why you need a target audience

But wouldn’t it be better to include every user in your target customer definition? Wouldn’t that lead to acquiring more users and customers?

Although it might seem that way, a marketing plan that attempts to attract everyone is not nearly as effective. Think about it. If you were to target every user in the world, would you even know where to start?

What needs would your app fill? What marketing strategies would you use? Where would you market your app?

But a target market definition will make your marketing plan more clear because it will cater to the specific needs of a specific group of users. This will enable you to:

  • Create an app that meets their needs and keeps them engaged;
  • Devise a marketing plan that speaks to them.

So as you can see, targeting every user would be a waste of your time. It would also be a waste of money if you are relying on paid acquisition strategies.

How to define your target market

Now we are going to talk about how to define a target market.

Consider your app

The best users to target are those who would most benefit from your app. Think about what your app does and how it helps users.

Determine demographics

You will want to find out:

  • The age range of your target audience;
  • Where your target market is located;
  • What language your target market speaks;
  • The level of education your target market has;
  • What your users do for a living (This will affect their ability to make in-app purchases);
  • The marital and familial status of your users;
  • What your target audience is interested in;
  • The types of devices (iPhone, Android, iPad…) your target market likes to use.

Dig a little deeper

If you want to gain an even deeper understanding of your target market, you need to find out:

  • Your average user’s personality;
  • What values your app’s users have;
  • How users in your target audience typically behave;
  • Common habits that your users share.

Create a user persona

After you’ve done adequate research on your target market, you need to put together all the information you found. You can do this by creating a user persona.

A user persona is a make-believe character that shares the same traits and demographics of the members of your target audience. You need to refer to this persona each time you work on your app or mobile marketing plan.

The user persona will help you remember what kind of app your target market wants and the marketing messages that would appeal to them.

Target Audience Definition Summary

Your target audience definition should influence:

  • How you design your app;
  • How you market your app;
  • Where you spend your advertising money;
  • And anything else regarding your app and marketing plan.

Remember, you can’t attract everyone, but by focusing on your target market you will be able to entice the right users who will love your app.

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