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Half of TikTok users have made purchases on the app

Almost half (49%) of TikTok users have previously made a purchase after seeing a product or service advertised on the popular social app.

That’s according to a survey by Adweek-Morning Consult.

It spells good news for advertisers looking to reach customers on the platform as 15% of adults and 36% of Gen Z admit to having made purchases based on recommendations made in a video.

What emerges is that each generation has a favourite platform in terms of making purchases on social media.

While millennials (60%) prefer Facebook, baby boomers are less likely to purchase brands advertised on the social network (27%).

However, a total of 41% of adults said they made a purchase of a product after seeing it on Facebook which is still considerably more than TikTok. Just 30% of adults have a TikTok account compared to 71% of Gen Z.

Meanwhile, Instagram is more popular with Gen Z (88%) and millennials (71%).

Half of millennials said they purchased a brand from the video platform and 53% of Gen Z said the same.

Just 23% of Gen Xers said they bought something after seeing it on Instagram.

TikTok users were overall more likely to purchase brands after seeing their ads on any major social network.

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