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Fuji 6MBI50J-120 Fuji 6MBI50J-120

#6MBI50J-120 Fuji 6MBI50J-120 New 50A/1200V/IGBT/6U, 6MBI50J-120 pictures, 6MBI50J-120 price, #6MBI50J-120 supplier
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6MBI50J-120 Description

Three-Phase Bridge IGBT Power Module; 50 Amp; 1200 Volt

6MBI50J-120  5.34 lbs


6MBI50J-120 could be used in General Purpose Inverter AC and DC Servo drive amplifier Uninterruptible power supply Switching Power Supplies for Welding machine


High speed switching Low Saturation Voltage High Input Impedance Module Packaging

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