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Fuji 1DI480A-055 Fuji 1DI480A-055

#1DI480A-055 FUJI 1DI480A-055 New 1GTR: 960A,600V, 1DI480A-055 pictures, 1DI480A-055 price, #1DI480A-055 supplier
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1DI480A-055 Description

High Voltage
Including Free @heeling Diode
Excellent Safe Operating Area
Insulated Type
Power Switching
AC Motor Controls
DS Motor Controls
Uninterruptible Power Supply
Maximum Ratings and Characteristics

Collector-base voltage VCBO: 600V
Collector-emitter voltage VCEO: 550V
Emitter-base voltage VEBO:6V
Collector current IC:480A
Collector Current-peak ICp: 960A
Total power dissipation PC:2000W
Junction temperature TJ :150

1GTR: 960A,600V

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