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  • 1. Complicated shape, high precision in size and shape. The general material thickness is t>3mm~12.5mm. It is a medium-thick plate and a thick plate fine-blanking part. The punching surface is straight and smooth, and the quality is comparable to cutting processing.
  • 2. Clear outline, small collapse angle, hole edge distance and hole spacing (wall thickness) ≤ t, and have press convex, counterbore, blind hole and hub flange forming fine blanking, especially involutes with small modulus, Precision stamping parts of high-precision gears with cycloidal, triangular, rectangular, trapezoidal and other shapes are difficult to manufacture by other processing techniques.
  • 3. All parts of electromechanical products that are mass-produced and reach a moderate economic production scale, including car hand brakes, cars, motorcycles and other products, are all finished parts punched out of raw materials and no longer processed.
  • 4. Due to the effect of cold work hardening, the surface hardness and strength of the fine-blanking punching surface are greatly improved, and the friction resistance and weather resistance are improved. It is used as the moving surface, the friction surface of the gear tooth profile, the shaft sleeve and other precision metal stamping parts, and the service life Will improve as a result.

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