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Establish Data Model

Sand casting is the use of relatively cheap and easily available resources as raw materials, such as gypsum, gas pipe, wood and other resources as models for manufacturing parts and other production needs in industrial production, so that the casting model can adapt to the manufacturing mode of mass production needs in industrial production In order to improve the production efficiency of industrial production, sand casting molds are an important basis for completing sand casting regulations.

With the gradual improvement of the application level of social industrial production technology, the design and manufacturing of sand casting molds have also been improved. The quality improvement of the produced products provides a guarantee.

The second link in sand casting mold design is to establish a calculation model for sand casting mold design based on the graphic design of sand casting molds, and determine the accurate value of data application changes in the graphic design of sand casting molds, such as those used in sand casting mold design.

In the data model, the function calculation mode is used to set the independent variable X and the dependent variable Y, and analyze the relationship between the dependent variable and the independent variable in the sand casting mold, so as to further determine the change of the independent variable and the function between the dependent variable The relationship provides a complete and accurate development basis for ensuring the accuracy of the design and application data of sand casting molds.