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Complete Design

The fourth part is to complete the graphic design of the sand casting mold design, rationalize the plane graphics of the sand casting mold design, and process the model changes based on the sand casting mold design application in the virtual three-dimensional processing, and finally form the application design drawing of the sand casting mold , As a reference basis for the later production of sand casting molds.

In addition, in combination with the design of sand casting molds, it is necessary to be good at applying the practical application of the perfect model. For example, after the sand casting mold is completed, preliminary experimental applications of the sand casting mold should be carried out. The size, thickness, and fineness of the work produced by the sand casting mold Make a detailed summary of the degree and other aspects. If you find that there are problems in the later test of the sand casting mold, summarize the problems of the sand casting mold in time, and seek the best remedy measures.