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Lost Foam Cast VS Coated Sand Cast

Lost foam casting (also known as full mold casting) is to combine paraffin wax or foam models similar to the size and shape of the casting into model clusters. After brushing and drying refractory coatings, they are buried in dry quartz sand for vibration modeling. It is a new type of casting method that makes the model gasify, liquid metal occupies the model position, and solidifies and cools to form a new casting method.

Coated sand is a kind of high-quality selected natural sand as the sand base, resin coating system with special performance and the most ideal process technology. According to the technical requirements of different users, it strives to perform at room temperature, high temperature performance, collapsibility, and flowability. The most perfect combination of performance, surface roughness of castings, etc., is widely used in automobile engines, diesel engines, hydraulic parts and other industries.

Advantages of lost foam casting

  1. The sand type is dry quartz sand with no adhesive, no moisture, and no additives;
  2. The foam plastic model can be formed into pieces for bonding and combination. The shape of the model (ie the shape of the casting) is basically not subject to any restrictions;
  3. A foam plastic model that is exactly the same as the casting shape and whose size is only different from the metal shrinkage is retained in the mold to form a “solid”, mold, instead of the “cavity” mold of the traditional sand mold (ie, “empty”). type”);
  4. When pouring, the foam plastic model is continuously decomposed and gasified under the action of high-temperature liquid metal, resulting in a replacement process of the metal model, unlike the traditional “empty” casting which is a filling process of liquid metal.

Advantages of coated sand casting

  1. Low pollution: the work site environment is significantly improved. Although the combustion of the coated sand-based modeling method has a certain impact on the environment, after all, it uses a small amount of sand, and all the waste sand after use is recycled. The work site is clean and free of dust pollution.
  2. Thin layer of sand, low dosage: low production cost, low waste, and the used molding sand can be recycled and reused.
  3. Change the appearance quality of the blank, reduce the cutting allowance, high process yield and stable quality.
  4. Improve the intrinsic quality of the product. Due to the fast cooling rate during the casting of the coated sand, the graphite form of the casting is greatly improved, the mechanical properties of the product are improved, and the service life of the product is increased.
  5. The moulding of coated sand adopts automatic production line to improve production efficiency, reduce labor intensity of workers, and shorten labor time.
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