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At present, most of the sand blanks used in sand mold CNC milling technology at home and abroad still use the traditional sand mold/sand core formula and preparation technology. Under CNC high-speed milling, chipping, collapse, and cracks are prone to occur. After milling, there are tiny particles on the surface of the sand mold. Floating sand phenomenon and pulverization of the surface of the sand blank are especially difficult when milling a type of mold (core) that contains particularly complex internal cavity runners, and contains three-dimensional intersecting water channels, oil channels, and gas channels. The sand blanks combined with CNC milling should have good strength and lower casting requirements. There is an urgent need to develop a sand blank composition design and preparation method suitable for CNC milling to reduce collapse and floating sand during milling. The problem is to avoid the waste of sand mold resources; in addition, the traditional sand mold formulations also have problems such as large air volume and not easy to collapse. Therefore, it is of great significance to study the preparation methods of sand molds and sand blanks suitable for CNC milling.

At this stage, most of the sand molds for CNC milling still use the traditional casting water-washed sand and resin self-hardening sand, and have not combined the characteristics of the CNC milling process for special research. In the milling process, the collapse and the machined surface are caused by the insufficient strength of the sand blank. There is a large amount of floating sand, resulting in rough surface of the mold and poor dimensional accuracy. There are many factors affecting the quality of sand molds processed by CNC milling, as shown in following list. In the process of milling and forming of sand molds, the quality of sand molds is mainly affected by the strength of the sand blank, the size of the sand size, the milling parameters, and the cutting tool. The structure, performance of the machine tool and waste sand cleaning are jointly determined, and the study of the above factors is of great significance to realize the high-efficiency and high-quality processing of sand mold CNC milling.

Influencing factors of sand mold quality in CNC milling

  1. Milling process
  2. Tool structure
  3. Machine performance
  4. Waste sand cleaning
  5. Sand body strength
  6. Sand size