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In recent years, with the rapid development of CNC machining technology, developed countries such as Germany and the United States have successfully applied CNC milling machining technology to the manufacture of sand cores, and successfully produced the required parts in a short time. The CNC milling technology is applied to the manufacture of sand molds. The CNC milling sand mold technology is not only a new green and rapid manufacturing method, but also breaks through the traditional sand mold manufacturing and brings fundamental changes to the casting technology. Driven by the CAD model, it directly mills the sand blank placed in the CNC milling center. The biggest advantage of this process is fast forming speed, high precision and greenness, and it perfectly combines traditional casting technology and modern CNC processing technology.

Compared with traditional sand mold manufacturing, this technology eliminates the need to make wood molds and patterns, and greatly shortens the time. It has the advantages of fast forming speed, short manufacturing cycle, and low cost.
The development of new products in aerospace, national defense and military industry, automobiles, machinery and other industries provides technical support.

Numerical control milling sand mold technology is a brand-new modeling technology bred for the rapid processing of large and complex molds. It is a perfect and effective combination of casting technology and CNC machining technology. It is an advanced manufacturing technology based on numerical control technology, computer technology and automation technology, which can realize rapid manufacturing of molds.

First, use UG and other three-dimensional modeling software to establish a three-dimensional model of the casting according to the casting entity. After determining the best parting surface according to the complexity of the model and other factors, the three-dimensional model of the casting mold is reversed; the process parameters and milling path of milling are optimized, Simulate the milling process to obtain the required numerical control program code; place the solidified sand blank in the numerical control milling machine tool equipment, and directly perform the milling process to obtain the designed upper and lower sand molds. After assembly, the required casting is obtained. casting.

  1. 3D model of casting
  2. Reverse the 3D model of the mold
  3. Machining simulation
  4. Get processing program
  5. Prepare sand embryo
  6. Machine tool processing
  7. Get sand mold
  8. The casting is obtained by pouring.